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MLB Umpires Must Wear Black Underwear, In Case They Split Their Pants.

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On August 5th National Underwear Day provides an opportunity to wear their favorite undergarments. Whether boxers, briefs, panties, tighty-whities, our underthings provide a layer of comfort.

  • A 2012 survey by Elitedaily.com reveals that the average woman owns 20 pairs of underwear – for every day. Then, they own 14 extra pairs for special occasions.
  • In 2018, retailers reported an increase in the popularity of nude colors. Instead of bright fashion colors or sultry bedroom styles, skin blending shades that disappear under sheer outer clothes won consumers dollars.
  • While underwear may or may not be worn under kilts, tradition holds that a “true Scotsman” would wear nothing underneath.
  • A 2008 survey revealed that 9% of men in America have underwear that is at least 10 years old. Fifteen percent own underwear that is between 5-9 years old.
  • In Italy, women celebrate New Years by wearing red underwear because it is considered lucky.
  • In a recent survey by Chaffree only 15% of the women completing the survey had matching underwear on.
  • A survey in 1998 revealed that 60% of French men change their underwear daily. Approximately 75% of French women change their underwear daily.
  • Single people are less likely to change their underwear on a daily basis than married people—82% versus 88%, respectively.
  • Ten percent of American women have confessed to occasionally having gone “commando” to avoid visible panty lines.
  • Italians wear red, Argentineans wear pink, and Brazilians wear brand new underwear on New Years Eve.
  • In a recent survey carried out by Chaffree, 45% of women said they wore underwear in bed.
  • Trend analysts observe that a woman who wears a g-string is typically a woman who feels more uninhibited and more confident to display her body. Sexually, she is more willing to try different and creative positions.
  • Sexual researchers note that a woman who chooses to wear white cotton panties tends to be a low maintenance and a no-frills type of a woman. Researchers note that this is akin to letting a man see her without makeup.
  • The average woman will wear six different bra sizes throughout her life
  • Men’s briefs were invented in 1935. A contemporary magazine ad touted the brief’s “scientific suspension” and “restful buoyancy.”
  • During the Victorian age, women wore knickers, which left the entire crotch area open and exposed because it was believed that an open crotch was more hygienic. Consequently, underwear change was infrequent. Ironically, Parisian Can Can dancers helped usher in closed-crotch underwear.
  • A majority of American women prefer to wear bikini underwear (37%). Briefs come in second (23%), followed by thongs (19%), boy shorts (17%), and other (4%)
  • Though there are several legitimate claims as to who is the “father” or “mother” of the modern bra, a New York woman named Mary Phelps Jacobs is typically credited with creating the modern bra. She had her maid sew together two handkerchiefs with some ribbon and a cord. She patented her bra design under the label “brassiere” in 1914 and later sold it to the Warner Brothers Corset Company for $15,000.
  • Actress Tallulah Bankhead was infamous for not wearing underwear. During the filming of Lifeboat, the crew complained about her flashing them when she had to climb a ladder. Director Alfred Hitchcock reportedly quipped that he didn’t know if it was a matter for wardrobe or hairdressing. – Source
  • Carrie Fisher wore no underwear in Star Wars because George Lucas convinced her “there is no underwear in outer space.” – Source
  • In Finland, the word ‘kalsarikännit’ means to get drunk at home, alone, in your underwear. – Source
  • Major League Baseball umpires are required by rule to wear black underwear, in case they split their pants. – Source
  • Navel lint comes from your underwear, and that the scientist who studied it won an Ig Nobel. – Source
  • The “underwear on the outside” look for superhero costumes was modeled after the attire of the aerial circus performers and wrestlers of the ’30s when the first superheroes appeared. – Source


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