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Mickey Mouse Is The Most Popular Write-In Candidate At The Voting Booth.

Making his debut on November 18, 1928, we commemorate the birth of that ever lovable mouse that was once a rabbit called Oswald. To get to the beginning of the story, we have to go back to 1927 when Walt Disney first sketched a floppy eared bunny while under contract to Universal Studios. The events that unraveled brought us Mickey Mouse.

  • From a rabbit named Oswald to a mouse named Mortimer, eventually, the squeaky-voiced rodent was dubbed Mickey. He flopped in two animated short films without any success. Then on November 18, 1928, Mickey’s star was born. The first animation synchronized to music and sound effects, Steamboat Willie premiered in New York.
  • A makeover in 1935 by animator Fred Moore gave Mickey the look we are familiar with today. The big eyes, white gloves, and the pert little nose. More lovable than ever before, he propelled himself even further into the hearts of children everywhere.
  • His companions Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto joined him along the way, bringing vaudevillian comedy with them.
  • Mickey Mouse Was Inspired By The Pet Mouse Disney Had As A Child.
  • Mickey Was Originally Going To Be Named Mortimer!
  • Every U.S. President Has Posed With Mickey Mouse, Save Lyndon Johnson.
  • Speaking Of Presidents, Mickey Mouse Is The Most Popular Write-In Candidate At The Voting Booth.
  • Mickey Mouse Was The First Cartoon Character To Ever Speak. And What Were His First Words? “Hot Dogs!”
  • There Are Hidden Mickeys All Over Disneyland And Walt Disney World. Spotting Them Is Part Of The Fun Of Going To The Theme Parks.
  • Mickey Wears White Gloves So That You Can See His Hands (Otherwise They Would Blend In Against His Body, Especially In The Early Days With Cruder Animation Technology).
  • Walt Disney Said That Minnie And Mickey Mouse Are Indeed Married, Although They Keep It Private And They Do Not Share A Home.
  • Mickey Rooney Claims That He Was The Inspiration For Mickey Mouse’s Name.
  • The First Two Mickey Mouse Movies Cost $2,500 To Make.
  • Mickey Mouse Was The First Cartoon Character To Earn A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame.
  • In The 1970s, Mickey Released A Disco Album Which Went Double Platinum.
  • Walt Disney Originally Held The Patent For Technicolor, Meaning That Disney Was The Only Animator Who Could Make Cartoons In Color.
  • Mickey Mouse Is Said To Be More Recognizable Around The Globe Than Santa Claus.
  • Mickey Mouse Only Has Four Fingers! Walt Disney Felt That Five Fingers Resembled A “Bunch Of Bananas.”
  • Walt Disney Himself Voiced Mickey Mouse For Many Years.
  • Mickey’s full name is Michael Theodore “Mickey” Mouse.
  • Incidentally, Minnie Mouse shares the same birthday as Mickey since she debuted in the same cartoon – Steamboat Willie.
  • Hidden Mickeys: One fun thing to do when visiting a Disney Park is to look for Hidden Mickeys. Ask a Cast Member about Hidden Mickeys and he or she will be able to get you started.
  • The ride at Walt Disney World that has the most Hidden Mickeys at Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.



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