Home News MiamiDade Cops Drug Bust Finds $24 Million Cash Hidden In Wall (Video)

MiamiDade Cops Drug Bust Finds $24 Million Cash Hidden In Wall (Video)

(WSVN) – Miami-Dade Police made a record-breaking seizure of drug money during a raid on a Miami Lakes home, Tuesday.

Miami-Dade Police raided The Blossoms Experience, Tuesday, a store that apparently served as a front for a marijuana trafficking operation between South Florida and Tennessee.

Police said they then went to the store owner’s home on 169th Terrace in Miami Lakes, Wednesday, where they found $24 million in cash stored in buckets behind drywall. Miami-Dade Police said it’s the biggest cash seizure in the department’s history. The cash was spread out in 24 buckets, with $1 million in each.

Police said they also found a high-powered gun in the attic of the home; a safe with an additional $180,000 and marijuana seeds called “Superchunk” and “Chernobyl.”

Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez was charged with money laundering, cannabis trafficking, conspiring to traffic cannabis, unlawful use of communication, possession of cannabis, weapon/possession while committing an offense, possession of place/purpose of trafficking. His sister, Salma Hernandez, was also arrested and charged with possession of place/purpose of trafficking (marijuana), possession of place/purpose of trafficking/conspiracy (marijuana).

By Alex DiPrato, WSVN, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com June 30, 2016