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Miami is Moving towards Eco-Friendly Furniture Design

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When one thinks of Miami style decor, words like sophistication, openness, elegance, and natural beauty come to mind. For these reasons, the growing use of eco-friendly, reclaimed, recycled, and reused materials may seem like a drastic change, but really, it’s not.

Such materials, whether used in functional furniture, accent pieces, or to divide rooms, are simply a reinterpretation of the norm. Here are some of the ways that eco-designs are enlivening Miami furniture design.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture isn’t the joining of timbers from an old barn to make a table. It encompasses a wealth of styles, and different types of wood. Furniture built with these materials doesn’t have to be rustic and let’s admit it, that wouldn’t be Miami style.

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Look for artistic and elegant pieces made from mahogany, teak and other high-end woods.  Additionally, seek out reclaimed wood items with mixed media touches, such as wood chairs with salvaged metal or tile inlay within the arms or backs to add flair.

Natural and Sustainable

Wood is not the only natural material that can provide eco-elegance with Miami style. Many forms of organic materials are claiming a place in modern design, especially in living room spaces. Look for accent pieces constructed from diverse materials such as clay, leather, rice paper, and stone.

Additionally, wood from fast-growing trees such as aspen, bamboo, and willow can be used to build furniture that is both beautiful and sustainable. Similarly, such materials can be used to mimic other less sustainable materials, through paint, varnish, or patterning, which can be both elegant and environmentally friendly.

Glass Walls and Dividers

While we are used to large glass windows which allow light to flood one’s home, the idea of glass dividers within the home is just catching on. Glass walls allow visual separation between rooms but allow light to flow freely providing a desired open feel.

Similarly, encasing shower stalls and other bathroom features in glass provides a feeling of security while providing definition. As glass is one of the easiest materials to produce and in no way scarce, walls stay comfortably within an eco-friendly design. Accent these walls with natural items such as floral arrangements, and art made from delicate items like rice paper, to provide a classic feel without impeding the flow of light.

Metal on Metal

While stainless steel appliances have been in for a while, we see movement towards room design that features two or three different metallic items. The idea is to contrast different styles and hues. Use metals like brass and steel to provide offset in a room.

Also, look to contrast highly polished items with others with a matte finish to provide warmth and excitement, similarly to these staged living room sets from local Miami outlet Rana Furniture. Just don’t overdo it. Using too much metal can create an industrial design which is in direct contrast to the relaxed, elegant feel you want. A convenient approach is to take inspiration from the living room

Kitchens: Warm and Functional

While it may seem that a kitchen with its constant use and wear, would be best served by rigid elements, softer natural materials provide for greater elegance and ease of cleaning. Finished and sealed stone countertops are fashionable, available in a wide range of styles and are eminently cleanable.

Set these off with a butcher block countertop to accentuate the natural feel, while providing a durable workspace. Use materials with neutral, warm colorings, such as leather and cork, to complete the feeling of relaxed, functional elegance.