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Men’s Bracelets and How to Select Them

Modern men, on a par with ladies, try to look elegant and stylish. Accessories and jewelry are very important for an image that arrests attention. A modest and rather strict silver chain to adorn a wrist is a great solution.

Hands down, bracelets are considered to be the most common pieсes of men’s jewelry. Their power if to perfectly complement your image, you just need to choose the right one. Finding a spot-on item is both hard and easy as there are a lot of options available on the market.

 Men’s Bracelets

Men’s fashion is fundamentally different from women’s. The choice of a silver bracelet for men should be approached keeping the following tips in mind:

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  • An accessory should be discreet, without unnecessary embellishment and inlays. Silver chain bracelets beneficially complement the business image. They look grand in combination with classic dark suits.
  • Don’t go overboard with gems. Leave the glitter of precious stones for ladies. If you still intend to buy an accessory featuring jewels, make sure they are modest and not in-your-face. An ideal solution would be a few stones embellishing a bracelet clasp.

Besides these nuances, you need to take into account your physique. Chunky bracelets will look ridiculous if your hand is thin and elegant. Vice versa, a tiny bracelet will just get lost on a strong burly wrist.

Silver and Other Materials

If along with a silver chain bracelet you wear a necklace or a couple of rings, you have to consider their style and color scheme. Cheap jewelry is unlikely to go with extravagant executive accessories.

Materials used to craft ornaments directly affect their prices. You will never find pure silver in jewelry items because it is too soft and pliable. Therefore, manufacturers add basic metals to the mix to give it strength and durability. The most common alloy is 925, which indicates 92.5% of silver and the rest is copper or other auxiliary metals. Despite being the most popular, there are many other types of silver – 720, 750, 800, 875, 916, and 960. Besides the ration of silver and other components, these alloys feature slightly different colors. For example, items with a 720 hallmark will be much yellower than those with a 960 one. It is because they contain more copper responsible for yellowish hues.

If you can’t combine items made of the same alloy, at least stick to the same color. 925 sterling silver accessories can be teamed up with gold ones carrying rhodium plating. Rhodium gives a product a solid whitish appearance. Often, it is hard to tell steel apart from silver; therefore, you can simultaneously flaunt items molded of these metals.

Hand for Your Bracelet

You can wear a bracelet on any hand. There are no special rules about it, just keep the convenience in mind. That said, most guys prefer having a bracelet on the right hand.

The main reason why bracelets occupy the right wrist is a habit to wear a watch on the left one. Today, despite modern technologies that allow us to know the time without watches, men still flaunt them to emphasize their style and taste.

If you are going to wear a bracelet together with a watch, you need to learn how to correctly combine their styles and whereabouts. Traditionally, a left hand is reserved for watches in righties. The placement on the non-dominant hand means less inconvenience in doing daily tasks. So, if you watch lives on the left hand, a bracelet should go on the left one. This rule works when you have a single bracelet but if you prefer to go with a few ones, you can relocate some of them closer to the watch.

If you go without a watch, you can don a wrist accessory on any hand. Again, it all revolves around convenience. Also, you can base your decision on visual impact. If you’re a righty individual, the right hand is more active and always in sight. An accessory resting on it will draw in more attention than a bracelet occupying the opposite limb.

Finally, there is a misconception that large and massive accessories enhance the masculinity of their owners. We tend to disagree. Large jewelry looks bulky and too heavy. If you want to emphasize your manliness, elegant and refined bracelets will do the job.