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Men: 4 Ways People Judge Your Appearance


We live in an era that we make judgments constantly. No one is immune from the syndrome, so we’re all equal opportunity offenders. Without a doubt, we all judge each other based on appearance. And because personal appearance includes dozens of attributes.

Like it or not, others evaluate our character based on physical appearance characteristics, many of which are directly related to our general state of health. The next time you meet someone face-to-face, see how many of the following components contribute to your estimation of their character.


Dental health, which includes both the teeth and the breath, is often the first physical characteristic people notice about us. Men who neglect their teeth often avoid smiling, which is a sad state of affairs in a highly social world. Twice-yearly dental appointments can go a long way to resolving your own challenges in this area. Regular cleanings, daily brushing and flossing, and regular trips to the dentist’s office can seem like a burden but they’re the most effective way to make your teeth look healthy.


Besides the face, hair is one of the first things we notice about men.  Does the scalp look dry? Is their hair clean and shiny? Has it been cut and styled by a professional? Those are just a few of the hair-related questions that go through people’s minds when they meet a man for the first time. In fact, products that help boost men’s hair care regiment are selling better than ever before.

Fortunately, you can maximize your own look by selecting the very best hair care products when shopping online. Men who avoid cheap, store-bought generics tend to have better-looking locks. Core products to focus on include rejuvenating conditioners, nourishing, all-natural shampoos and treatments that help build up volume rather than dry out skin and follicles.


If you are tired of feeling viewed as overweight or underweight, the smart thing to do is consult a physician and get some solid, actionable advice about how to proceed. Avoid the temptation to go on a quick loss diet or eat extra food to bulk up. Weight control is not the time to try DIY solutions. Always speak with a licensed health professional first, and keep an open mind about possibly changing the way you view food and altering your everyday food choices.


Poor posture has the potential to cause all sorts of problems. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your body alignment without having to resort to extreme measures. As is the case with weight, it’s best to speak with a physician and ask about solutions like exercises, stretching, and special harnesses you can wear to keep the upper torso more erect.


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