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Marshmallow Peeps Coffee Creamer Has Arrived!

Marshmallow Peeps should begin to hop into stores over the next few months, as Easter isn’t until April 21 this year. But to tide you over till then, start the hunt for Peeps-flavored coffee creamer from International Delight. No, we’re not kidding.

Maybe you missed the dropping of the 400-pound Marshmallow Peep that marked the beginning of the new year in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Perhaps Santa didn’t leave a box of giant gingerbread marshmallow men in your stocking. No worries, you can now drink your love of Marshmallow Peeps with the new Peeps-flavored creamer.

“Now hatching!” brags the product’s home page. “It’s sweet, marshmallow-y and yellow. Yep, yellow. Because it’s Peeps and we can.”

Marshmallow-flavored, sunny yellow, and sold in a cute bottle decked out with pastel Peeps? You definitely know someone whose Peep passion would be incomplete without it. Hey, if you can let marshmallows melt in hot cocoa, why not spike coffee with that sweet marshmallowy goodness too?

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The new beverage add-in comes from International Delight, and it’s far from the company’s only unusual flavor. They also make pumpkin spice creamer, Hershey, Almond Joy and Reese’s creamer, Irish crème creamer and many more.

Buyers should be able to find it soon in stores nationwide, priced at $3.79 for one 32-ounce bottle, but be quick like a bunny, because it’s only available through Easter. While you wait to scoop up the new Peeps creamer, study up on the squishy little sweet things. Here are 15 things you didn’t know about Peeps.

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