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Maintenance Tips for a Potato Harvester In Florida

Potato digger SP100

The demand for agricultural produce is growing by the day as the population increases. There is a need for farmers to incorporate farming practices that will sustain the existing and growing demand. The potato harvester is one of the machines that has proved to be useful in modern agriculture. Large potato farms can save money and farming has become even better.

Checchi & Magli is a manufacturer of farm harvesting machinery that has been in operation since 1976. The company deals in a wide range of farm machinery ranging from transplanting machines, top cultivation, and harvesting machines.

The initial cost and cost of ownership can be high, which calls for proper care and maintenance of the farming equipment. Through this, you will maintain the optimal operation of the equipment and also avoid repair costs.

Here are some care and maintenance tips for a potato digger.

  1. Remove large stones from the ground you are working on

This might prove to be hectic, especially if you are working at the last minute to get your produce from the farm. Therefore, it is always best to ensure that your farm is free from the large stones so that you don’t do the double work of clearing the farm of stones and getting your potato harvester working.

Before you get started, make sure that no big stones are in the way of the potato harvester. This is emphasized because the stones can cause significant damage to the blades and mechanical gears of the machine. This will impair its performance with time, and you will be forced to spend more on replacing the parts.

  1. Clean the potato harvester before putting it to work

Note that soil and other debris is left lodged on the harvester after work. Also, note that if the equipment was used on a different farm, there is a chance that it will transfer contaminated soil to a different farm, which can cause problems to crops in the future.

That is why cleaning and, if possible, disinfecting the potato harvesting machinery before using it on a farm is essential. Remember that pests might be lodged on the machine, and you do not want them to be transferred to the farm. To clean the machine, remove soil and debris by shoveling, sweeping, and scraping, then spraying with clean detergent water. It is essential to disassemble the machine while cleaning to ensure that all parts are worked on. Once done with cleaning, grease the bearings for the smooth operation of the harvester on the farm.

  1. Clean the harvester once an operation is complete

To avoid the last-minute rush of cleaning and getting the machine to work, you can make things easier by cleaning immediately after use. Clean the dust and soils after use with shovels and other cleaning tools. After that, use clean water to disintegrate any remaining soil and bacteria.

Once done with the cleaning, grease the equipment and store.

  1. Fasten the parts from time to time

With the time of use, the parts become loose due to movement. It is advisable that while doing regular maintenance on the farm machinery, that you fasten the parts. Note that loose bolts are not only annoying, but they weaken the potato harvester. Also, loose bolts lead to the weakening of bolts, which will lead to the breakage of the bolts and damage to the equipment. In the worst-case scenario, they may even lead to accidents. Ensure that the bolts in your potato harvester have the right tension to prevent damage to the equipment and the operator’s safety.

Machinery needs proper care and maintenance for them to do the work effectively and to avoid repair costs.