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Liquivida Brings IV Therapy & More to New Location in Coral Springs, Florida

Liquivida CEO, Sam Tejada with Scott J. Brook, Mayor of the city of Coral Springs.

Coral Springs, Florida is known for its beauty and diverse food options. As a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, they also pride itself on its great schools, lush landscapes, quality parks, and their growing retail businesses. However, another major component to the city’s identity is its focus on health and wellness – especially with the latest addition of Liquivida Wellness Center next to Bolay Kitchen. 

Liquivida, the rapidly growing health and wellness franchise, has opened a new location amid all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. With the community taking proactive measures to promote long-term wellness,  Liquivida coming to the Coral Springs community is a match made in, well—health.

The Liquivida concept was born in Coconut Creek, Florida, a mere two miles away. Since its creation in 2013, Liquivida has grown to over 20 different locations across 5 states, including Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas, and Arizona. The new Liquivida location had its grand opening on December 17th, 2022,  just in time for residents to get some relaxation in before the holidays.

The facility will provide diverse therapies such as hormone replacement, aesthetic injections, skincare services, medical weight loss, and Liquivida’s groundbreaking IV therapies to the wellness enthusiasts of Coral Springs and the local jurisdictions. Those in need of a sexual wellness checkup or revitalization can also count on Liquivida’s wellness coordinators for guidance. The new location will operate as a full-service wellness center and cater to many lifestyles.

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Located at 9228 Wiles Road, Liquivida’s new location will create a spa-like environment. Unlike others, Liquivida promotes The Vida Journey, which focuses on client wellness beyond their initial visit and throughout the different stages of life. The Vida Journey uses thorough blood work to assess the body’s needs. From there, Liquivida’s medical team can provide personalized treatment recommendations based on your current nutrient levels and goals.

That journey is really what makes us different. We do want to be there with our clients every step of the way as they age, and you know there’s going to be milestones that will trigger a different kind of approach,” says Emmanuel Trenche, who heads up the marketing at Liquivida.

Liquivida president & founder, Samael Amaury Tejada, is also thrilled about adding this retail location to the Liquivida franchise system, especially so close to where the company got its start. He believes that the new Liquivida location will empower the already thriving community to be even more intentional about their health and wellness goals. Liquivida’s mission is to create a team that promotes healthy living for its clients for all the years to come.

Tejada notes, “if you replace the ‘I’ in Illness with ‘We’, illness becomes wellness.” The new Liquivida location has built the team to become part of the “we” in wellness for Coral Springs and the surrounding areas.”

The staff at the new Liquivida location are excited to create customized wellness plans for the Coral Springs population. With a focus on educating clients and measuring progress over time, the Liquivida staff ensures that each visitor is well-accommodated. 

Pursue your health goals or relax from the holiday stress by visiting Liquivida.