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Limited Edition Peach Cheerios Are Here! (Video)

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Peach Cheerios (Image: @Cheerios via Twitter)

I think peaches are on their way to becoming the “it” fruit of 2018. Coca-Cola launched a Georgia Peach-flavored Coke last month, and I honestly haven’t stopped thinking about the tender, juicy fruit since I saw Call Me By Your Name. Seems like Cheerios is on the same page. Limited edition Peach Cheerios will soon be available at most grocery stores. Promising that the fruity cereal “brings the goodness of the orchard to your bowl,” Peach Cheerios are expected to stay available for at least all of spring.

According to Cheerios, the cereal is made with “real peach puree,” and the ingredients list doesn’t really give much more information (the box says “peach puree concentrate). Dyed slightly orange naturally with annatto extract and including no artificial flavors, it’s very likely that Peach Cheerios will taste pretty similar to actual peaches. However it’s safe to say there will be no delightful squirt of juice that comes from biting into the real deal, and since that’s arguably the best part of eating a peach, I feel like saying “what’s the point?” to this cereal.  CONTINUE READING

The The Showstopper Shows posted a review of the Peach Cheerios…

ExtraCrispyexcerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Mar. 14, 2018 

Video by The Showstopper Shows on YouTube.com

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