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These Limited-Edition Birkenstock Sandals Will Set You Back $800 (Video)

Birkenstock's $799 "Exquisite" Arizona sandals feature buckles crafted from solid 925 sterling silver. Photo by Birkenstock.com

Get them while you can.

Iconic comfort sandal brand Birkenstock is redefining the meaning of over-the-top with a limited-edition luxury version — the Arizona Exquisite. The update to the classic two-banded sandal is ringing the cash register at a hefty $799.

Birkenstock teamed up with European jewelry designer Patrik Muff for the limited-edition style dressed up with handmade buckles in sterling silver.

According to David Kahan, CEO of Birkenstock Americas, only a few hundred of the German-made sandals were produced, which is likely to turn them into collectors’ items.

The unisex style features contoured footbeds covered with premium leather and sport a super-grip sawtooth outsole. The sandal is available in limited sizes online.

For those who may miss the opportunity to snag a pair, Birkenstock has lots of alternatives that are just as comfy. They include more affordable versions of the Arizona as well the brand’s Gizeh thong. For the cool weather ahead, there’s also the Boston clog.

While the brand has traditionally been known for its sandals, it has recently introduced a range of closed-up shoes, including boots and sneakers, that offer year-round wear.

Foot Wear News, posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, July 21, 2017 

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