Lawyer Roy Black: Wikileaks DNC Snub No Skin Off My Back!

Roy Black
Miami attorney Roy Black at his yearly charity gala in 2014 (Mike Jachles photo)

When President Barack Obama last visited Miami in early June, well-known local lawyer and liberal donor Roy Black asked the Democratic National Committee to host an event with the president.

The DNC’s response?

Thanks, but no thanks.


Because Black historically has represented celebrities not held in high regard by the White House, and he has a “wild” reputation.

Several emails discussing whether to let Black host were posted on Wikileaks recently in a batch of secret emails pilfered from the DNC by hackers.

The batch already made news in the way it showed how the DNC appeared to conspire to keep U. S. Sen.Bernie Sanders off the Democratic ticket.

And it caused the resignation of Broward County U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz from the top party position.

Still, little nuggets are popping up from the emails, including the Roy Black stuff.

A string of emails originated from DNC Compliance Officer Kevin Snowden May 12 shows the party vetted several would-be Obama hosts in Miami.

“The only issue is Roy Black,” Snowden wrote.

He then pointed out Black has a “wild reputation” and “has defended unsavory characters” like recovering drug addicted radio star Rush Limbaugh, Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis and other “flagged celebrities.”

Who are those “flagged celebrities?”

By Jose Lambiet,, excerpt posted on Aug. 18, 2016