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Know Your Options For Selecting Impact Resisting Windows


Windows protect homes from the elements, especially by preventing the entry of rainwater, high winds and storm. It also provides safety from intrusions.  The window structure constricts of metal frame panels with glass that provides aesthetically pleasing looks and helps to maintain visibility.

But the weaknesses in the window structure often become a cause of concern because it affects the safety of the building. Since glass is fragile and prone to breakage, windows that take a heavy beating during hurricanes and thunderstorms. The flying glass pieces are most dangerous as it can pierce the body and cause grievous injuries.

There are bigger dangers too that can happen from damaged windows during hurricanes. When the glass panes of windows give away, the wind force lashes inside the building and create havoc. If the wind speed is very high, it generates excessive stress on the building structure, which can even bring down the roof and collapse the building.

To prevent such devastation and protect homes from the fury of nature, if you are living in a hurricane-prone location, you must install windows that ensure complete safety and protection from natural disasters like hurricanes.

Hurricane resistant windows

Any window size is suitable for creating hurricane resistant windows by using safety glass or toughened glass as window glazing.  The glass has special properties and is much stronger than ordinary glass that allows it to resist the high force of strong windows without shattering. The glass can be tailor-made to withstand any amount of pressure in compliance with the building codes of the place and its unique feature not only prevent breakage but even if the glass breaks it does not shatter but remains in place within the frame.  It means that wind or rain cannot enter the building even if the glass is damaged. Regardless of the damage, the glass remains attached to the inner membrane, which holds it in place within the window frame. The special constructional features of impact windows or hurricane windows or storm-resistant windows impart the impact resisting properties to the glass to make it completely safe.

Construction features of impact windows

Window frame – By looks, impact windows are no different from ordinary windows as it consists of a metal frame of aluminum or steel that forms the panels which hold the glass. Aluminum and steel are the most preferred metals due to their high strength, and aluminum being rust-free requires low maintenance. Vinyl window frames are also a choice for those looking for cost-effective solutions, which also provides good insulation value but recycling the materials after the end of life can be problematic.   Wood frames have good strength and higher insulation value but need high maintenance to retain its longevity and is not at all pocket-friendly.

Glass – Glass offers real protection, and the use of shatter-resistant glass is the only way to ensure safety. It is possible to enhance the strength of ordinary glass to prevent it from shattering. You can do this by adding a surface membrane to the glass, which costs less, but the level of resistance would be much lower than what you find in hurricane windows specially made for the purpose.

Impact resistant glass options

All impact-resistant glass is not made in the same way but follow the same principle of using interlayer in glass to add more strength to it. The type of interlayer or lamination used, and the laminate procedure contributes to the creation of different types of impact-resistant glazing.

To qualify as hurricane resistant windows, it must pass the missile test to survive the impact of small and large missiles. If the window glazing survives the test, it is fit for use in high impact windows.


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