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Kids Interrupt Live BBC Interview; Return For Take 2 (Video)

Frame Grab from BBC video

Earlier this week the BBC interviewed a Korean expert via Skype from his home office in Korea. He forgot to lock the office door and his 2 young children decided to pay a visit to dad’s office while the live interview was taking place. Poor guy!

Professor Robert Kelly, a widely respected political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, tried to pretend that the kids were not distracting him but to no avail. His wife, who was in the living room recording the segment on her cell phone, attempted to discreetly snatch the kids from dad’s office, hoping that she would not be on camera.

The rest is viral video history!  Since that day, probably every news outlet aired the historic and hilarious video. The video was everywhere and was featured on Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, etc., etc. Twitter and Facebook chimed in, too.  If you have not seen it, it’s been viewed over 85-million times, here it is:

Asked about the episode, a BBC spokesman told The Washington Post, “We’re really grateful to professor Kelly for his professionalism. This just goes to show that live broadcasting isn’t always child’s play.”

Professor Kelly has been inundated with requests for interviews from around the world. He had to put his phone on airplane mode. Some enterprising journalists even tracked down a few of his US relatives for interviews.

Our heart goes out to the entire Kelly family. Their life hasn’t been the same and probably never will. They’re always going to be known as that family that was on SKYPE. They’ll probably be on Ellen soon and be given a trip to Disney.

We’re sharing this with you now to let you know that this story is not over yet. Here’s an interview given on March 14 to the BBC by the whole family.

The Kelly’s are also expected to be  holding a news conference on Wednesday, from Korea.

Videos courtesy BBC News

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