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Key Statistics About SMS Marketing and its Success

Even though mobile phones have been in use for quite some time now, the usage of smartphones has taken off.  Back in 2013, more than a billion smartphones were shipped across the globe for the first time in history.

Even though this is the fact, many firms are still not taking advantage of mobile phone-based marketing and specifically SMS marketing.

Stats about the impact of SMS marketing in business

#1. Smart phone usage

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About 5.1 billion people out of the 6.8 billion global population now use a mobile phone. Technology is a bigger concern to people than dental hygiene as we can see, about 4.2 billion people only use a toothbrush. So, for the marketers, the point here is that they shouldn’t only target the smart phone users, but the entire mobile owning population. If there is a mode of covering this whole population through a communication mode, it is SMS texting. The regular mobile phone users will still be able to receive text messages and get engaged with it.

#2. Faster response time

It is found that a person may take 90 minutes on an average to respond to an email message, but an SMS is seen within the first 3 minutes of receipt by about 90% of the phone users. The average response time is about 90 seconds.

Many people take their mobile phones everywhere they go and are prone to see an SMS message right away. In fact, not everyone may check their email  With short text, it is easier to read it.

#3. High open rates

As we saw, about 98% of the SMS are opened by the users, but hardly about 20% of the emails are checked for. While mail marketing obvious has many benefits, it is highly likely the immediate messages to be shared will be missed on choosing to send it through email.

One thing to remember is that it is hard for anyone to ignore an SMS alert, but due to the volume of social media posts hitting your wall every day, it is much easier to miss out many of them, including those, are relevant. The users may scroll past the social media feeds than spending time on each.

#4. Customers prefer SMS messages overcall

It is not only that SMS marketing is highly effective, but it is also the most preferred mode of customers to receive business or marketing messages. About 75% of the consumers of https://simpletexting.com/  like to get offers through SMS than seeing the advertisements through mobile apps or other internet sources. They find SMS as a natural way to receive text messages rather than adverts getting into the way when they are busy with their everyday life activities.

#5. Less is more

It is also very tricky to identify how frequently you have to send the marketing SMS to the subscribers. It is not good to do it too often and also to limit it to very few, but the marketers need to maintain a fair balance between these. Surveys show that most of the recipients find it comfortable to receive two to three marketing messages a month from a brand or so. There are about 2% of users only who like to get more than 5 messages a month. So, two to three per month seems to be a magic number.

#6. Loyalty programs

The marketers need to think of more prospective ways for SMS marketing than thinking of the traditional point cards and other such customer loyalty programs. It is found that more than half of the consumers who participated in a survey were happy to sign up for an SMS-based loyalty program.

#7. Majority of the consumers are still to be marketed

About 80% of consumers haven’t yet received SMS marketing messages from their most liked brands. This shows that a lot of brands are missing out on a huge market without taking the initiative to reach the users. Make followers feel special with your personalized SMS campaign, which rewards them through unique offerings. With such an approach, they get the feeling that you value them as loyal customers.