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Kentucky Fried Chicken, Playboy, And Pringles, All Share The Bow Tie In Their Logos

National Bow Tie Day on August 28th encourages everyone to wear this style of bow tie with panache! It’s versatile, too. Whether you want to look dapper or humorous, this tie enables you to modify your attire to your mood and atmosphere.

  • Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian wars of the 17th century were the originators of the bow tie.  This bow tie consisted of a scarf around the neck to hold together the opening of their shirts.  Using the name cravat (which derived from the French for “Croat”), the upper classes in France soon adopted this idea.
  • Some recognizable names from history and fiction have worn bow ties and have worn them well.  Winston Churchill, James Bond, Groucho Marx, Orville Redenbacher, Jerry Lewis, Bill Nye, Indiana Jones, Donald Duck, and Les Nessman are just a few.
  • There are a total of three different types of bowties which include the pre-tied tie, the clip-on tie, and the butterfly tie. All of the three ties have the same application, but the method of application is different because the pre-tied tie can be worn immediately, the clip-on tie is worn by just clipping the ends while the butterfly has a handmade application.
  • The most expensive bowtie ever made is a handcrafted two-piece set of 18-carat white gold and 8 carats of white & black diamonds, worth US $ 36,000.
  •  Iran banned the sale of bow ties (along with traditional ties) in the province of Gilan after the 1979 Islamic revolution, deeming it a symbol of western decadence. Wearing them, however, is not banned.
  • It was invented as a men’s fashion accessory. Styles range to suit attire and occasion. This fascinating article of clothing crosses eras and generations, too. Not only that but men and women both wear bow ties. As a fashion accessory, its statements may be bold or subtle since they come in a broad range of fabrics, colors, and sizes.
  • Playboy, Pringles, Kentucky Fried Chicken, all share the bow tie in their logos.
  • One of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world is making a fortune with his bow tie shop. Mo Bridges started making bow ties when he was nine. His grandma who taught him how to sew, then he opened a shop in Etsy and now he owns an online store where he sells his creations globally.
  • A good quality silk tie will require approximately 110 silkworm cocoons.
  • A person who collects ties is called a Grabatologist.
  • The true bow tie aficionado will argue that the self-tie bow tie is the only acceptable option. While we agree that self-tie bow ties are sartorially more respectable, sales and production numbers beg to differ. Be surprised to find out that 78% of all bow ties produced are pre-tied compared to 22% being the self-tie style. This is pretty much translated as “convenience over style”.
  • The days that bring the most visitors to the video “how to tie a bow tie” in youtube are in this order: New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and “National Bow Tie Day”.
  • Mississippi is the number one state in which men are most likely to wear a bow tie.
  • 8% of all bow ties produced are pre-tied, versus self-tie. Because…only 1% of men know how to correctly tie a bow tie.
  • Black is by far the most popular color of choice for bow ties, with pink a surprising favorite, especially during wedding and prom season.


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