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Keep Your Company Safe from the Dark Web

The Dark Web is a hidden network criminals can use to buy and sell sensitive data. Bill Tobey, a leading IT expert in North Carolina with HitsTech shares the risks of the dark web and how you can protect your company.  

Most people already know that billions of web pages can be accessed through search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. However, did you also know that most of the web is hidden from view? The rest of the internet, which is also known as the “Deep Web,” contains government networks, private networks, databases and another sector known as the “Dark Web.” The Dark Web is every bit as ominous as it sounds, harboring stolen data and inviting all forms of illegal activity.

Even after you become aware of the Dark Web, you may mistakenly believe that you are safe from the risks it poses. However, if you maintain sensitive data for your customers, employees and/or yourself, you cannot afford to ignore the possibility that this data could be for sale on the Dark Web.

Why You Should Care

Criminals use the Dark Web to sell all types of sensitive data, including medical information, social security numbers, credit card numbers, passwords and more. Unfortunately, chances are that at least some of your employees are using the same passwords for both their work and personal websites, leading to a significant risk of security breaches if a password is purchased on the Dark Web.

If a breach occurs because of a purchased password, criminals could steal anything from your internal company data to passwords stored on your servers. The Dark Web also provides the perfect outlet for the sale of any data criminals may steal, regardless of the methods they use to access your computers.

Protect Yourself from the Dark Web

The threat of the Dark Web is real, but there are steps you can take to protect your company. To reduce the risks associated with the Dark Web:

1. Educate your employees

Many breaches occur because employees aren’t careful with their own accounts. Teach your employees about the dangers of the Dark Web, as well as the signs of a cyber attack in general.

2. Install protective software

Install software designed to protect against malware and other risks. Keep this software up-to-date at all times to ensure the maximum amount of protection.

3. Work with a trusted partner

One of the best ways to mitigate the risks of the Dark Web is to work with a trusted IT partner who can make sure your computers are as secure as possible. The right IT company can also help your company deal with any breaches that may occur.

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