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Juicing for Better Skin: 12 Essential Ingredients (+8 Juicing for Better Skin Recipes)

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Using artificial skin products and cosmetics to treat or even hide marks, acne, or wrinkles is never a good thing. Your body needs something natural and anti-toxic to cope with everyday sun exposure, stress, and other irritants. If you’re getting serious about your skin care ritual, it’s about time you incorporate raw fruit and vegetable juices for long-term health.

So what do you need to do to take care of your skin? One of the most effective remedies for better skin is juicing. You can use all types of nutritive fruits and vegetables such as beetroot, avocado, kiwi, cranberries, ginger, etc. to removing dead skin cells and protect from sun damage and ageing.

1. Beets

Beets are excellent juicing ingredients that provide essential nutrients for reducing chances of skin disease. Dehydration can often cause skin irritation, dryness, and atopic dermatitis. All these conditions are proinflammatory markers for more serious skin conditions, including cancer.

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A study focused on beet extracts showed that oral supplementation of this juice can help combat skin barrier dysfunction. So symptoms like scratching, dryness, and skin sensitivity can be controlled with a higher beet extracts intake. (1)

These blood red vegetables offer incredible UV and irritant stimuli protection. It also helps increase water absorption in the skin cells for healthy and glowing skin.

A group of mice were fed a special diet of beets extract. The results proved that epidermal thickness and skin irritation had improved drastically. This concludes why beets and beet extracts are significant ingredients for juicing for better skin.

Key Takeaway: Beets contain powerful nutrients that aid skin health. It improves epidermal condition, reduces skin irritation, and protections against sun exposure. People consuming good amounts of beet extracts can also prevent the development of chronic skin diseases.

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