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John Steuart – Creating Value for Customers

John Douglas Steuart has been providing his clients and startups with high-quality value for years because he understands the importance of giving customers what they want.

However, he knows that some companies struggle with that and can end up experiencing severe issues meeting their sales goals. Thankfully, he recently discussed ways that businesses can assess and provide value to their customers.

John Steuart Showcases How Companies Can Provide Quality

Creating value for customers requires understanding a few basic steps to help companies focus on their needs. John Steuart states that there are several questions that startups and other businesses can ask to ensure they understand their client’s needs. The first is to ask the seemingly obvious question: why does a client buy a company’s services or products?

While it might seem much too obvious to ask this question, starting with such basic concepts is often a great way to focus. For example, companies can force themselves to examine just why their consumers work with them and can give them a hard look at themselves. It will make them think long and hard about the quality of their products and services and whether they provide any value.

John Steuart then strongly suggests examining a consumer from their perspective, gauging what is relevant to their life. What does a business’ average consumer look like, and what are their buying habits? Do they find comfort important, or are they more focused on value? What value do they get from a product or service, and is it meeting their needs as much as possible?

After a business takes a long and hard look at itself in this way, it can move on to adjusting its strategy to meet its consumer’s needs. Simply put, they can take the time to adjust their products or services in ways that do provide value.

For example, does a healthcare product provide consumers with the help they need, or is there any way a business can change it to improve its value?

Configuration is an important step in this process and focuses on changing a company’s approach or strategy to meet its client’s needs. For example, they can add features that add value to a product, such as adding Bluetooth connectivity to laptops to make them appeal more to a younger buying audience. The goal here, John Steuart said, is to expect what a consumer might ask for before they ask for it. It is also essential to gauge what competitors are doing and try to provide better value than them.

In the same way, all sales strategies and concepts should be adjusted to ensure that the consumer fully understands what to expect. Adjusting a marketing strategy to focus on a product or service’s value can highlight things like its durability, new features, and benefits over other companies. Businesses need to make sure consumers prefer to choose them over others by providing a higher value for the purchase price.

About John Steuart

John Douglas Steuart is serial entrepreneur and business leader responsible for building several successful firms during his career. Steuart’s expertise includes executive management, sales and marketing, operations, business development, and investor relations