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It’s National Scavenger Hunt Day

Scavenger hunt day

Marked annually on May 24, National Scavenger Hunt Day is set aside as a day to enjoy the good ol’ fashioned fun of a scavenger hunt.

American gossip columnist, author, songwriter and professional hostess Elsa Maxwell (May 24, 1883 – November 1, 1963) is credited with the introduction of the scavenger hunt for use as a party game in the modern era.

A scavenger hunt is a game where teams are challenged to “scavenge” for a list of odd items. Participants are not allowed to buy the objects and depending on where the hunt takes place may have to beg, barter or work for them.  Some scavenger hunts add riddles to each item increasing the difficulty of the game.  The team with the most items, or the first to complete the list, wins.


Scavenger hunts have become popular at weekend get-togethers, parties, family gatherings and holidays. However, this would be a great day to have a scavenger hunt at the office or put one together for the neighborhood kids and let the fun begin. Use #ScavengerHuntDay to post on social media.

  • Organize a scavenger hunt for family and friends. To make it more interesting, include some attractive looking prizes and do it for charity.
  • Make work fun by doing a scavenger hunt at work during lunch time.
  • Participate in a scavenger hunt organized by your city or other local organizations.
Did You Know…

…that the word scavenger comes from the 14th century English word scawageour? The word referred to officials that collected taxes.