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Italians Are Credited With Making The First Stuffed Mushroom

Stuffed Mushroom Day
Stuffed Mushroom Day

Few things can match the flavor of a stuffed mushroom, and Stuffed Mushroom Day is just the day to gorge on this delightful delicacy. Feel free to set about cramming your taste buds to excess or eating the wonderful ‘shroom slowly in a civilized manner, whichever way you prefer your cuisine.

History of Stuffed Mushroom Day

Stuffed Mushrooms have been around since the late 19th century or early 20th century, depending on who you ask. It is likely that the Italians should receive the credit for a stuffed mushroom as the recipes originated somewhere over there and closely resembles the Italian stuffed zucchini.

The concept of eating fungi was first widely promoted in France in the 19thcentury when the French began to cultivate the mushroom for consumption. At first the brown crimini mushroom was the generally accepted ‘shroom of choice but eventually the tastes of the world expanded to include increasingly gourmet mushrooms such as morels, shitakes or even the rare, expensive and exceptionally delicious truffles. Truffles prove that pigs do have a use beyond being turned into bacon.

Celebrating Stuffed Mushroom Day

The very obvious answer to the question of how to observe Stuffed Mushroom Day is to indulge in the consumption of as many stuffed mushrooms as you can reasonably lay your hand on, fit into your mouth and then hold in your stomach. Caution: some mushrooms only go over well in small doses. Wouldn’t want to ruin the joy of the flavor with a pain of the stomach. Italian restaurants will likely celebrate Stuffed Mushroom day with a wide selection of special mushrooms for your dining pleasure. If you’re feeling ambitious try more than one variety. If you want to fascinate your taste buds, as well as explode your bank account, then we certainly recommend sampling stuffed truffles. It takes a certain type of connoisseur of mushrooms to truly appreciate the work involved in a stuffed truffle.

Of course, for some people it is not enough to simply partake of another’s fungal creation. They want to create a new delicacy, filled to their exact specifications! The possibilities for filling a mushroom with delightful substances are only as limited as your imagination will allow. Traditional choices of filling include various cheeses, such as parmesan or even the more exotic Gouda, if you’re interested in combining the strong flavor of the mushroom with the kick of an intense cheese. Breadcrumbs, parsley, olive oil and garlic also make common appearances among mushroom stuffing mixtures. Feel free to add any other vegetables you feel inspired to include, such as peppers, or to shake things up with a bit of meat for increased flavor. Honestly, most things taste fantastic in mushrooms.

From Foodimentary.comHere are today’s five things to know about mushrooms:

Credit goes to the Italians for creating the stuffed mushroom in the 19th century.


Mushrooms are composed of 90% water.


One Portabella mushroom has more potassium than a banana.portabella-mushrooms-whole-1

The French were some of the first to popularize the mushroom in the 19th century.giphy82

Before the French, Pharoahs prized mushrooms as a delicacy and Greeks believed that mushrooms provided strength in battle.