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Is Your Hairy Situation Getting Out Of Hand?

(Image: Manscaped.com)
(Image: Manscaped.com)

We’ve often been sold the idea that for men being hairy is a good thing and that is what makes one masculine. However, at times being hairy also has its own shortcomings in that one has to contend with laughs from other people. More often than not, hairy people also have to deal with the problem of sweat more than their fairly hair-free counterparts. Men who are more hairy often tend to have hyperactive sweat glands. Additionally, the sweat usually sticks on the body hair and this tends to result in a foul body odour.

Being too hairy also makes one seem older and unkempt. In short, while being bare in men is just plain weird, bushy may not always be best. As luck would have it, there are solutions to the hairy predicament when it becomes a tad too much. The following simple tips and rubrics on manscaping will ensure that you are well on your way to solving your hairy predicament.

Tip 1: Get rid of that excess hair ‘beyond’

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The most rudimentary and stress-free way of dealing with excess body hair is to simply get rid of it. But just because we are up for the idea of grooming body hair does not mean we always do it right. It all has to start with the tools and techniques one chooses for this fundamental task. The appropriate tools will ensure that you avoid post grooming irritation that comes after one has gotten rid of the excess body hair.

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Fortunately, Manscaped’s Perfect Package 2.0, has got you covered. Manscaped has the right tools for every step of this subtle and essential task.

Tip 2: Preparation for grooming

(Keep It Clean Kit

Now that you are ready to get down to work, you need to get the first preparation step right for a perfect finish. As a wise man once said, “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” Similarly, in grooming, the pre-shower and pre-shave preparations are key.

Adequate preparation ensures that you avoid the post irritation commonly experienced after grooming and also ensures you give your skin maximum protection.  For this, you’ll need to ensure that you have the perfect trimmer for the job. Here is where Lawn Mower 2.0 comes to your aid. It eliminates the body hair without leaving you with broken itchy skin.

After this, you will need a great body wash like Crop Cleanser to ensure you are left with baby soft skin.

Tip 3: Choose your blade carefully                                                                             

Obviously, you’ll need to be very careful in choosing the right blade if you need to end up with perfect results. The Plow will give you the most sought after and desired close clean shave. It’s designed to avoid any after-shave burns and irritation and discomfort while protecting your skin.

Tip 4: Post-care of your skin

Well, now that your excess hair is gone, you still need to additionally protect your skin. Ensure that you use appropriate after-shave products to keep any inflammation and irritation at bay. Following these easy tips will ensure you are well on your way to having perfect soft smooth and sexy skin.