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Is Florida More Dangerous to Drive in Than Other States?


Florida is known as the sunny location that people in their golden years flock to in order to enjoy good weather and affordability. However, what Florida is also experiencing is a record number of road accidents currently where alcohol is believed to be a significant contributor.

Florida Has Some of the Most Serious Car Accidents

If you take a visit to Sarasota, it’s a picturesque place to live. Nonetheless, it’s also a leader in car accidents where alcohol was observed as a major contributor. Indeed, of DUI fatalities over the past three years, 12 people have died out of every 100,000 people living in Florida. The risk in Sarasota has leaped over 70 percent in the last year alone.

Lakeland, a short distance from Tampa, is another problem area for drivers. They have experienced half the rate of fatal accidents compared to Sarasota, but alcohol was again a major cause.

Drinking Among Youth at a Higher Level

A recent study was published only a couple of days prior to a fatal crash in North Port near where the Braves game recently ended and fans were driving away from the stadium. The young driver behind the wheel was under the influence and subsequently booked for manslaughter DUI and related property damage.

In an earlier incident,  a driver still in her teens,  managed to flip her vehicle causing injuries to 11 people traveling with her. A teenage student from North Port High School died in the resulting accident. Both accidents were linked to driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The message needs to get through to all drivers in Florida that drunk driving is not acceptable. Issues with underage drinking and people in their 20’s driving while intoxicated has also become a major cause for concern, as the rate of road fatalities in the state continues at an alarming pace.

Is There a Way to Protect Yourself on the Road?

It’s fair to say that some accidents will happen whatever you do. However, there are still things you can do to protect yourself and any passengers along for the ride.

Always wearing a seat belt and sit up straight so that the belt will operate correctly should a crash happen. The rate of speed that you’re traveling at is under your control, even if the rate of speed of one or more other motor vehicles is not.

When your vehicle is traveling at 60 MPH and their vehicle is moving at the same speed, the impact is magnified. However, when you’re not edging the speed limit during regular trips and are able to respond quickly to an unfolding incident by decelerating quickly and safely, it does much to reduce the risk to yourself and your passengers.

If you do get in an accident, be aware that it’s your responsibility in Florida to move your vehicle to a safe location. This ensures road safety and the ability of other drivers to continue on their way. If your vehicle is immobile, you should request a tow truck to move it out of the road.

Parts of Florida are becoming less safe to drive in than other states. However, as outlined above, it’s possible to reduce the risk by taking sensible precautions. By proactively looking for issues and reacting to avoid them, the dangers are reduced significantly.


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