After Irma Former Penthouse Mag Owner Shelters 70 Foster Children!

Now that’s doing hurricane recovery in style at Marc Bell’s Boca Raton home (via Facebook)

To any who might cast stones at those in the adult entertainment business as wicked and immoral, let this story give you pause.

Marc Bell, the Boca Raton millionaire and former head honcho of Penthouse Magazine, has taken in 70 foster children left homeless in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

The children went from a gymnasium floor to the lap of luxury in the mansion owned by Marc and his wife, Jennifer Bell. Present for their entertainment needs were a variety of arcade games and a live guitarist to play for them at dinner. The Bells even sprang for manicures for the girls!

Marc and Jennifer became aware of the situation when SOS Children’s Village Florida, the foster care community responsible for the children, called Marc in a panic after learning that the group was being evicted from their shelters.

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