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Interesting Facts On How Home Design Can Impact Your Mental Health


There is an undeniable connection between your home design and your emotions. The design of your home is more than just the appeal it has; it can also enhance your state of mind and help suppress some mental disorders. All changes in design are significant, from the little adjustments like changing your couch sectional covers to the bigger ones like changing the whole layout of your apartment.

In this article, we will be showing you how different home designs can change your mood and affect your mental health.

1.     Space influences freedom

Houses with higher ceilings help people feel less confined and freer. When you have more room to walk around and fewer objects in view, you’ll find focusing effortless. Larger spaces give you the freedom of self-expression and can help you get creative.

With larger spaces, you can space your furniture out and declutter. This way, you feel more organized and motivated to accomplish other tasks for the day. The freedom of larger spaces elevates your mood and keeps you cheered up. More space means more peace and comfort to ease that stress.

2.     Color affects your mood

 The saturation and tone of color play a huge role in how you feel on the inside. Painting your apartment in your favorite color can make it feel more appealing to you. However, the color you chose directly affects your mood. For people with anxiety, red may appear too bold and alarming, making it difficult to feel relaxed in your apartment.

It is advisable to use colors that make you feel calm when painting your apartment. Try out colors like blue, green, purple, and orange if you have an anxiety disorder. To create an illusion of space, white works best. Whatever color you choose, ensure it meets your mental demands.

3.     The serenity in nature

Designing your home with indoor plants puts you in a state of serenity. You feel less stressed as these plants improve indoor air quality and purify the air. That breath of fresh air will enhance your mood and help you feel less stressed. Having to water your plants and care for them also gives you a sense of accomplishment, leaving you with a calming routine every morning.

4.     Sunlight has an effect on your aura

Keeping your room lit can help you fight depression. The rays of sunshine are associated with the feeling of joy. As the sun brightens up your room, you feel a lot more cheerful. Darker rooms can make you feel down and unmotivated to get things done – this is only good for bedrooms when you need a good night’s rest.

5.     Art can affect your emotions

Having a couple of artworks hung up on the wall can help you keep your emotions in check. Just like colors, art can help you get into a world of your own and help you feel better. However, some artworks portray anger and pain, so it’s best you choose those that make you feel at peace.


With all the negative energy that surrounds the outside world, filling your home with positivity is pretty much important. You need to pay more attention to the choices you make when selecting a home décor, as they go a long way in keeping your mental health in check.

Be sure to chip in a couple of your favorite things too, like your favorite color, house plants, and furniture – they will help you feel emotionally stable and make your apartment feel like home.