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Instagram Photo Ideas

Instagram has become the number one stage for creative photos, FCP Studios will provide you with some photography tips from their professional photographers.

How to shoot like a pro? First, you need to find a photography inspiration, then turn it to reality using simple photography techniques:

  • Choose an ostentatious head pose and shoot from your perfect face angle, try to look straight at the lenses to make the photo more sensible through your beautiful eyes. Here’s an example from FCP Studios / Fashion.
  • Sunshine pictures are simply amazing and they’re the first choice for artistic photography and portrait photographers at FCP Studios. Try to take shots in the sun shadow and avoid looking straight at the sun, just let the sun embrace your eyes and skin color.
  • Hand poses are the easiest way to create interesting pictures, you’re free to express whatever you feel like (happy, sad, funny) with your hands only. Keep that in mind for your next Instagram photo. 
  • Wanna look like a real-life model in your next photo section? It’s easy, all you need to do is to show some boldness while choosing the standing poses that show your body’s curves and perfections. We’re all beautiful in our own way, keep that in your mind and it’s gonna become a part of your appearance as well. 
  • Take your couple photos to the next level with these tips, straight from FCB Studios. First picking matching outfits is never an old way to show affection, Second, get rid of the old boring poses and try something new whatever it is. If you like cute hugging poses that’s fine but, FCP Studios photographers agreed that people are liking sassy poses more lately. 
  • Instagram has opened new doors for fashion and trends of all kinds, you can’t expect all your followers to like what you represent. All that matters is feeling happy and confident with your Instagram content, avoid exaggerating and fakeness, being yourself is what makes others more accepting and loving. Here are some amazing fashion photos from FCP Studios.
  1. A colorful dress with a natural location is just a magnificent compilation. 
  1. Visual effect photos take a lot of effort, but they’re totally worth it for FCP Studios
  1. Wedding events’ photo sessions are probably the most important ones. People sometimes get confused about choosing the right location or the right lighting and, FCP Studios’ advice to you is simply daylight and a beach. 
  • Now, let’s talk about a major part of Instagram photos which is food, you need to keep the plate simple, colorful, and clean, just keep everything balanced. Trick number two is lighting and water, put the plate in a strong lighting spot and take the shot from the top at a distance or from a low side angle to give volume to the photo, Spray water on your fruits to make them look fresh or spray sauce and seasoning if it’s a cooked meal. Check out some mouth-watering pics from FCP Studios.

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