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Inside Omar Mateen’s Fort Pierce Mosque!

Take a look inside the mosque of the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, as the local Muslim community tries to come to terms with his horrific crimes. Members of the media were invited inside the Fort Pierce Islamic Centre on Sunday night. Brothers at the mosque where seen eating and praying together before holding a discussion over Masters actions. (Picture by: Splash News)

The Fort Pierce Islamic Center, where mass-shooter Omar Mateen prayed, has a pretty bad track record when it comes to teaching peace.

Fort Pierce
The men and women pray separately, so there are women at the mosque, you just can’t see them (Splash News photo)

The house of worship on Midway Road has been a spiritual home to two terrorists: Mateen, who perpetrated the deadliest mass shooting in America when he shot up a gay nightclub in Orlando yesterday and Moner Muhammed Abu Salha, the Vero Beach resident who is considered the first American suicide bomber in Syria.

“This is a coincidence,” said Dr. Syed Rahman, the imam at the mosque where Mateen went several times a week to pray told WPTV-5.

“There is no teaching given about extremism in this mosque. There is nothing coming in the sermon or the speeches.”

Rahaman told CBS12’s Israel Balderas: “My message always to my congregation, to my children to everybody that I know, that we are … in making our children religious, but draw … a line for them. Don’t make them too much religious that they become terrorists.”

He continued in this video Balderas posted to Twitter: pic.twitter.com/39hmdDaAx5

Fort Pierce
A quote from the Qu’ran at the Fort Pierce Islamic Center (Splash News photo)

The shooting comes during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan when believers fast from dawn until dusk.

It’s traditional for Muslim communities to gather and eat together during Ramadan.

Mosque members shared their memories of Mateen and his with the press.

They said Mateen came several times a week with his 3-year-old son to pray, though Rahman said Mateen was only a “sporadic” visitor.

However, Mateen’s sisters were regulars at the mosque where they often helped out with cleaning.