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In A 70’s DC Comic Published A Comic Book Where Superman Fights Muhammad Ali And Superman Lost

Adults and kids alike participate in Free Comic Book Day on the 1st Saturday in May.

Comic book heroes come in all shapes and sizes. So do their fans. A new fan is born every day and probably more so on Free Comic Book Day when retailers take the opportunity to lure us back into where our heroes began: in the ink, the art and the stories.

  • First popularized in the United States, comic books are also called comic magazines. Generally, comic books produce drawn sequential and opposing panels representing individual scenes. Each scene often includes descriptive prose and written narratives. When placed together, the panels form a complete store or a portion of a serial.
  • The earliest comic strips, (which later gave birth to comic books), dialogue was displayed in bubbles or balloons above characters’ heads. The art form weaves intricate designs. For example, text, dialogue, personalities, color, and imagery developed part of a storyline. Over time, these storylines distinguish eras, artists, genres, and themes.
  • Free Comic Book Day was established by Joe Field in 2001. While writing for a magazine of the comic industry, he noted that there had been a resurgence in purchases in the wake of the recent flow of comic book franchise movies.
  • The first comic book in the United States was “The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck,” which was sold as a hardcover in 1842.
  • Iron Man was created as a challenge by Stan Lee. He gave himself a dare to create a hero that nobody would like and then force people to like him.
  • Clark Kent, who is actually Superman in DC comics, is a not-so-famous character in Marvel comics too. The Kent in Marvel is a reporter without an alias and nothing more. The writers included him as a “joke.”
  • Batman actually pays Superman’s salary. Bruce Wayne, alias “Batman” is a part owner of The Daily Planet where Clark Kent, alias “Superman,” works.
  • Marvel published a Generic Comic Book, in order to trademark the names “Super-Hero” and “Super-Villain”. – Source
  • When Patrick Stewart first saw an X-Men comic he asked, “What am I doing on the front of a comic book?” – Source
  • The famous rock opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark was lifted from a 1954 Scrooge McDuck comic book. – Source
  • Stanley Lieber used the pseudonym, Stan Lee because he was afraid that associating his legal name with comic books would harm his writing career. – Source
  • The Disney character who has appeared in most films is Donald Duck. He is also the fifth most published comic book character, behind Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. – Source
  • In a comic Han Solo and Chewbacca crashland on Earth, Han is killed, Chewbacca is mistaken for Bigfoot and Hans remains are found by Indiana Jones 100 years later. – Source
  • Shazam, formerly Captain Marvel, outsold Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the entire comic books industry for most of the 1940s. – Source
  • “Howard The Duck,” one of the most critically panned comic book adaptations of all time, cost more to make than “Return of The Jedi”. – Source
  • The comic book guy from The Simpsons has a real name, Jeffrey Albertson. – Source
  • In 70’s DC Comics published a comic book where Superman fights Muhammad Ali and Superman lost. – Source
  • In the Marvel comics, Santa Claus is actually the world’s most powerful mutant ever registered by the X-Men. – Source
  • The first modern comic book, Famous Funnies, was released in the US in 1933
  •  The largest comic book market in the world is in Japan. Nearly 2 billion Japanese comic books (called manga) are sold every year.
  • On November 13, 2007, Marvel Comics launched Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, a subscription service allowing readers to read many comics from Marvel’s history online
  • American comic books first gained popularity after the 1938 publication of Action Comics
  • This included the debut of the superhero Superman
  • This was followed by a superhero boom that lasted until the end of World War II
  • Before the Joker terrorized Gotham City, he worked as a laboratory worker. He quit his job to support his pregnant wife and became a stand-up comedian.
  • Did you ever wonder if DC actually stands for anything? It actually stands for Detective Comics, so when you say “DC Comics,” you’re really saying Detective Comics Comics.
  • Nicholas Cage was set to play Superman in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives, which thankfully never saw the light of day. Cage is also a comic book fan and had his own version of Action Comics #1, Superman’s debut story. The comic was stolen in 2000 but was reunited with its owner in 2011 when it was found in a storage locker in California.
  • Aside from reading comics, Nicolas Cage also gets his stage name from them. Nicolas Coppola became Nicolas Cage thanks to inspiration from Luke Cage. One of Cage’s children is also named Kal-El. Sometimes, fact is stranger than fiction.
  • The Superman vs. Batman debate may rage on forever. Who would beat who in a fight? Who is the better hero? However, stats tell us Batman has appeared in more issues of comics. The stats include all appearances, including team comics and guest appearances. Batman stands at 14,385 issues while Superman stands at 13,164. Wolverine (12,912), Spider-Man (12,614) and Captain America (9,139) round out the top of the list.
  • As of May 2018, computer engineer Bob Bretall has the world’s largest comic book collection. His house holds more than 100,000 issues, and one of Bretall’s strolls to his comic book shop led to a purchase of 480 new comics at one time.


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