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Improve Communication with Microsoft 365 Business Voice


Microsoft 365 Business Voice comes with a comprehensive variety of features to provide an all-in-one communication solution. Businesses of varying sizes take advantage of the cloud-based application to call, chat, and conduct meetings. The solution allows access to the cutting-edge phone system’s full features, including multi-level auto attendants, call transfer, and call queues.

New Jersey IT support professional, Krystal Triumph with Atlantic-IT.net shares insights into Microsoft 365 Business Voice.

Administrators can add and remove users in your company with ease. The system handles dial-in audio conferencing and hosts up to 250 participants in a meeting. Users (including non-Microsoft participants) gain access to the meetings from any location via a wide variety of devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktops.

Key Features

Business Voice offers features that help small- and medium-sized businesses improve communication. The application makes it easier to set up a new number or port an existing one. Its key features include audio conferencing, legacy number migration, and easy audio or video start.

AI-Powered Transcription and Translation

Microsoft 365 Business Voice also boasts advanced voicemail transcription and chat message translation capabilities. It uses artificial intelligence to enhance the accuracy of transcription and translation.

VoIP Dial-In and -Out

With Business Voice, your users’ can leverage the convenience of dialing in and out via tools like Microsoft Teams and Skype. The solution enables your business to take advantage of scalable and flexible calling plans (with 3,000 minutes every month for Canada and US-based users).

Legacy Number Migration

Legacy number migration helps you keep your old business number to ensure continuity. Business Voice integrates the number into its system to avoid disruptions to your day-to-day operations. Your customers, suppliers, and other contacts can continue calling the number via the cloud-based system.

Call Transfer and Queuing

As a modern enterprise communication solution, the application offers call queuing and transfer features for added convenience. Business Voice welcomes queued callers with a greeting as they wait for attention.

Integrated Audio Conferencing

The system allows users to enjoy access to the enterprise-level communication solution capable of handling audio conferencing. Every meeting uses an integrated dial-in number.

Simplified Audio or Video Start

With one click, users can switch to audio and video call during text-based chats. Business Voice simplifies switching back and forth to ensure flexibility and convenience. This feature also permits your team members to switch from other modes to a meeting with presentations.


Microsoft 365 Business Voice offers an array of communication benefits, including multi-device support, easy setup, integration with other MS 365 tools, and top-tier cloud technology.

Multi-Device Support

The solution ensures flexibility by allowing users to access their features via different devices, including desktop and mobile devices. This capability is crucial for organizations with a remote workforce. In turn, you can provide your team with flexible working arrangements as part of the employee package.

Easy Setup

Easy setup is one of the essential advantages of using the application. It comes with a ‘getting started’ wizard to provide step-by-step guidance. With the wizard, it becomes simpler to set licenses to individual members of your team.


Seamless integration with other tools in the Microsoft 365 suite ensures flexibility and convenience. This capability allows your team members to use tools, such as PowerPoint and MS Word, during video conferencing. Microsoft Outlook helps users manage contacts and calendar information.

Enhanced Collaboration

Switching to an all-in-one communication platform like Business Voice enhances collaboration between office-based and remote teams. In addition, the benefits of using the solution include boosting productivity as teams employ other integrated MS 365 tools.

Cutting-Edge Cloud Technology

Microsoft provides access to advanced cloud technology that comes with sophisticated security measures. You can count on the technology to boost your communication systems’ reliability, security, and efficiency. Microsoft’s cloud solutions have a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee and advanced load balancing capabilities.