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Hungry is Not a Word After Eating at Bill’s Cafe in Naples

Bill's Cafe BLT,

Bill’s Cafe  (BC) is a restaurant in Naples serving breakfast and lunch and has been open


for almost six years. Bill Salley, the proprietor, has been around the culinary block and has been cooking in Naples for over 30 years.

I had heard very good things about BC and decided to take a look.

The menu is very straightforward, and has both breakfast and lunch items. On my first visit, my dining companion (DC1) and I sampled a couple of sandwiches. Bill’s famous BLT was one of these.

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Nine pieces of bacon (1/2 pound) graced this sandwich. Tasty Oakes Farm tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and homemade mayo made this sandwich over the top delicious. The added house made home fries only made this sandwich that much better and this writer that much more full!

DC1 tried the brisket melt. This was white bread toasted on the griddle with brisket, shredded cheddar and jack cheese, grilled onions and mayo. Another over the top menu item full of deliciousness.

On my second visit, DC2 and I tried a couple of different menu items. The first was the breakfast burrito.

Breakfast Burrito

The burrito was as big as a small dog, reminiscent of the burritos ordered in the Mission District of San Francisco when I lived there. The burrito was stuffed with taco-seasoned hamburger, red beans, jack and cheddar cheese, eggs, lettuce and tomatoes. It was very, very good and easily enough for two. Here is a cross-section of this extraordinary menu item.

DC2 ordered a taco salad. This was basically the filling of the breakfast burrito on homemade tortilla chips without egg. It was another very good and overly filling dish.


The food at Bill’s Cafe is great. It is all mostly made from scratch and has no pretense. The portions are huge as well as delicious and for what you get, a great value. I think any diner would be more than happy after eating here. If you eat a later lunch here, don’t plan on eating anymore until the next day. Highly recommended.


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Bill’s Cafe
947 3rd Avenue North
Naples, FL 34102
Bill’s Cafe Facebook Page

Open 7AM-3PM Monday-Saturday, 7AM-2PM Sunday; All major credit cards accepted.

Restaurant adds 4% to your bill if you pay with plastic.

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