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How to use Digital Business Cards To Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is an essential part of helping a business grow. At every point in a brand’s life cycle, there is a need to focus on marketing in order to reach out to as many customers as possible.

There are a number of ways in which you can help your business enhance its marketing. You can make use of social media platforms, increase traffic on your website, and so on. But did you realize that something as simple as a business card can also play a crucial role in ramping up your marketing?

While paper business cards have been used as a marketing tactic for a long time now, they are not that effective at present – about 88% business cards handed out get thrown away in less than a week. That’s why you should consider digital business cards.

Digital business card, when used smartly, can be a great marketing tool for any brand. Moreover, they are very cost-effective and will help your business save a lot of money which you can then invest in other marketing efforts to help it grow. These cards also help in giving a modern and efficient look to your brand which will help in attracting a lot of new customers. There are several things you can do to ensure that your digital card is helping your business in its marketing process:

Options to Download Contact Information

There are many software’s that provide you with this option. When choosing software to design your card, you should make sure that it has this particular feature because it comes in very handy with your marketing.

With this feature, the receivers of your digital business card will be able to easily download your contact information onto their phones. It will help them in getting in touch with you in an instant whenever they want to.

For your customers, downloading your contact information will be a great source of comfort as they will be assured that they can get in touch with you for any queries or to find solutions to their problems. Your customer service will receive a huge boost due to this which will ultimately lead to more people liking your business and ultimately converting into customers.

Use Form Download Features

When entering into a deal with an investor or some other business, a lot of paperwork is required. This usually takes a lot of time due to the large number of variables involved in the process. By using a digital business card that allows form download, you will be able to smooth out this lengthy process.

The other party will be able to easily catch hold of any form that they need to fill in and submit to you right from your card’s design. In the long run, this will help your business in getting an image of efficiency which will lead to others wanting to collaborate with you.

Add Visual Elements to Your Card

While there is no doubt that you must provide textual information about your business on the card, it is important that you also include a number of pictures and videos to grab people’s attention. Adding visual elements will help in ensuring that everyone who takes a look at your digital card is learning about your business.

You can include pictures or videos that show your employees working hard to create a good experience for your customers. If your organization is helping some charity, you can include videos of how you are contributing to the good of society.  This will help the customers in creating a personal bond with your business and you will get a loyal customer base.

Not just that, you can also add animations just to make your card fun and allow the customer to enjoy the experience of going through it.

Wrapping up!

Including all of these points in your digital business card design will help your marketing efforts to a great extent. In fact, if you get all of these elements of your digital card right, it will essentially act as a mini-website for your business which will be a great benefit for you as there will be a higher chance of people becoming your customers just by going through the card and not even having to visit your website