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How To Turn Your Florida Vacation Into A Permanent Residency

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All it takes is just one vacation to the Sunshine State to fall in love with Florida life. Over 2 million people from all over the U.S. and Canada are now making Florida their snowbird destination. But, what if you want to make your vacation last for longer; a permanent residency?

There are plenty of ways that you can turn your Florida vacation dreams into a permanent residency. Why spend your years in a place that doesn’t make you feel alive? Florida property may seem expensive on the surface, but taking advantage of some of these tips can help you move to the tropical Florida home of your dreams.

If you are seriously considering heading to Florida for good you will need to make a plan. Investors that buy houses for cash can get you the money you need to move south, but there are other solutions that can help get you into a new Florida home.

Sell Or Rent Your Home

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The easiest way to raise funds is to sell your home. Depending on the amount of equity that you have accumulated, your profit could furnish you with a decent down payment on a Florida property. If your home needs some work or has debt attached to it, selling for cash may be a more profitable option for you.

There is no need to sell at all if you aren’t ready to part with your home permanently. You may want to keep the place to come and visit with family during the holidays.

One of the best ways to make some cash while still keeping your home is to rent it. Advertising your home for short term rentals on an online platform such as Airbnb is a great option.

RV Life

People from all walks of life and age groups are embarking on the full-time RV lifestyle. A desire for a simpler life full of adventure and new sights is proving to be a huge draw for Americans. There are thousands of RV resorts for every taste in the Sunshine State. From beachside parks to lush sites throughout central Florida, there are parks that are perfect for anyone.

Many RVers keep costs down by taking on WorkCamping opportunities. There are often paid or trade positions available at RV parks. You could end up doing a few hours of maintenance, administrative duties or hosting in exchange for a site and a small salary.

Hot Real Estate Locations

Any real estate agent will tell you that getting the best deal on a home in Florida is all about location. Here are some of the hottest areas in Florida that home buyers need to check out:

The Palm Coast

Located in the upper eastern part of the state you will be close to attractions and the most beautiful beaches. A short distance from cities like St. Augustine, you can enjoy the Florida lifestyle without worrying about the crowds.


Located outside of the busy hub of Orlando, you can enjoy the adventures of the famous theme parks with only a short drive. While many vacationers come to the state for the entertainment, many stay outside of the hub to save some money on accommodations. This gives Kissimmee a strong economic backing with all the amenities that you will need.

Cape Coral

If you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, Cape Coral is the perfect location for you. Affordable homes are available along the many canals and waterways where you can enjoy boating, kayaking or just sitting at one of the many outdoor cafes. Close to Fort Myers, you have the convenience of a larger city while taking advantage of a small-town community.

Real Estate Owned (REO) Properties

One of the most affordable ways to find a home in Florida is to look into REO properties. Homes that are currently owned by the bank after a bankruptcy claim or lost mortgage can often be found for a steal. The lending companies are more interested in getting their money out of the investment and less interested in market values, so you can save a bundle on some of these properties.