How to tell which of your apps are using up the most data

social media

BY ANTONIO VILLAS-BOAS, Business Insider, June 28, 2015 – You may purchase phone plans with more than enough data to cover things like casual web surfing and streaming the occasional song.

But you may not realize that browsing Facebook could be a big hit against your data plan too.

According to Cisco’s online VNI Services Gauge Tool, one hour of browsing through social media can use up 90 megabytes, which is more than twice the amount of data that streaming music uses in the standard “normal” quality per hour.

It means that if you spend an hour a day on social media over a cellular network, you could be using 2.7 GB of data a month. Even half an hour of daily social media browsing could consumer 1.35 GB.

A lot of that usage is likely due to the auto-play video Facebook recently added to its app. The videos appear at different rates for each user based on a variety of factors in Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm. Twitter is also said to have a similar feature coming to its feed soon.