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How to Stay Organized Before, During and After Your Flight


The idea of flying through the air can be intimidating to novice travelers. With a little preparation, flying doesn’t have to be stressful. A few tips for staying organized while flying will help you feel less anxious about your next trip.

What to Do Before Your Trip

Be mindful of what you’re carrying on the plane, as prohibited items need to be checked into your luggage. If you can fit what you’ll need for the trip in your carry-on luggage, and you’re not bringing any prohibited items, you won’t have to pay for checking in your bags, and you’ll shave off time waiting at the baggage carousel.

Dress for comfort, as you’ll be seated for a considerable amount of time. You don’t need to look frumpy or casual, but wearing clothes meant for travel is smart.

How are you getting to and from the airport? Cabs and even Ubers are no longer the best options. You can find cheap parking at FLL and many other major North American airports using a service that pairs you up with a parking spot right beside the airport and a free shuttle to the terminal.

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Mid-Flight Tactics

What will you need during your flight to keep you fed and entertained? Make sure you pack them in your carry-on luggage and that they’re easily accessible.

Feel free to use the airline’s in-flight entertainment console, but you can also bring something else like a book or download a movie beforehand. Likewise, they may serve you snacks or a meal on the plane, but you may prefer food from home, especially if you have dietary restrictions or allergies.


When the seat belt light turns off, you should have all your belongings ready, so you can smoothly get off the plane. Don’t push past anybody in the aisle! If you have checked-in baggage, you’ll have to wait for the luggage carousel anyway.

When you touch down back in your home city, and you have all your baggage, take the shuttle back to your car and drive home. The best shuttle-to-airport parking companies offer reward points, so an affordable way to park becomes less expensive with each trip.

Finally, observe the recommendations by health experts in whatever region you’re traveling to. You may need to self-isolate upon arrival, so brief yourself on whatever requirements you’ll need to follow to keep you and everybody else safe and flatten the curve.