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How to Sell Your Old Car for Maximum Profit


Your old ride has finally reached the end of the line, but you don’t know how to sell it without taking a loss. Most people sell their old car because they need to put the money they earn toward a new one.

Go by the Book

The Kelly Blue Book lists values according to year, make and model. It’s recognized as the gold standard for pricing vehicles, and you should use it to set the initial asking price. Not only can the book give you used car prices, but it can also ensure you pay the right price for your next vehicle. The Kelly Blue Book is entirely free online, and you can use its pricing tool to check your value.

Get a Tune-Up

Current maintenance records and a recent inspection report will demonstrate your value and support the asking price to potential buyers. You want to prove that it is in working condition with a professional rather than just expecting people to take your word for it. Ensure that yours is up to manufacturer standards, and consider adding some updated technology that could increase its value if it depreciated too greatly.

Consider Reconditioning

Fresh detailing is nice, but you can transform an old car into one full of charm and modern style with some affordable reconditioning services. Appearance plays a large factor in someone’s willingness to pay a high resale value, and you can even increase your car’s value by updating its interior and exterior hardware. Consider the following:

  • Fresh oil and hood maintenance.
  • A clean battery.
  • New seat belts and money, locks.
  • New windshield wipers.
  • Replace old or burnt lights, including headlights and taillights.
  • Repair or replace any broken buttons, knobs and handles.
  • Have the interior steam cleaned.

You can add the final touch of a brand-new car look by using a cool window sticker tool. It copies a used car’s sticker and prints it so you can apply it to the glass and give your vehicle an updated finish.

Find the Right Website

Where you advertise your car for sale will have a large impact on the type of buyers you attract. Classified sites are typically your best bet. You may have to pay a small fee to post, but it is worth it to find the right buyer willing to pay for quality.

eBay Motors allows you to set a minimum sales price and modify your asking price as you please; there are other sites that offer used car listings that are equally convenient for buyers and sellers. Look at the types of cars on each site and see how much similar models are going for. When it comes time to actually post, make sure that you write a clear description with all the important facts, and be sure to include a variety of high-quality photos showing both the interior and exterior.


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