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How to Remove Negative Reviews


Small business managers, as well as those who work in the tourism and service realm, identify and understand the power of online reviews. Online reviews are the modern WOM (Word of Mouth).

Getting positive online feedback can contribute to gaining more clients for your business. In contrast, negative reviews can result in potential customers refraining from visiting your website and using your products or services. You may ask, ‘Can I avoid negative reviews?’ Well, you cannot remove all the negative reviews posted on your website. This is because reviews, whether good or bad, are crucial to the success of a company. 

Having positive online reviews is crucial for your business, as it will entice more customers to use your products and services. However, you cannot dismiss the possibility of receiving negative reviews. The thoughts and opinions of strangers have a significant impact on consumers.

Comprehending how these reviews work, as well as their corresponding platform is vital for your business. So, you need to figure out how you can deal with negative reviews on your website. You can visit trustanalytica.com and ask for advice or use the tips and guidelines below. 

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Do not respond negatively

When you first get a negative review, your first reaction would be to lash out to the reviewer. You are passionate and fervent about your business. Hence, it is easy to get upset when someone leaves bad reviews about your brand. 

The first step in dealing with negative reviews, however, is not to retort negatively. If you respond negatively to someone’s review, not only will your business look worse but also you as an individual. You will seem unprofessional. Additionally, people will feel skeptical about your business since they do not acknowledge the issues with your products and services. 

Assess the review

To learn how to remove negative Google feedback, begin by assessing the review. Establish if it is genuine. You may get fake reviews from competitors or persons who have never cooperated with your business. Also, you may get reviews that are not meant for you. 

For reviews that seem fake, flag them out, and compose a response. Google may take time before removing fake reviews. So, you should use this opportunity to have many people who are not aware that the reviews are fake view profile. Also, you need to check the review’s content. Verify that the reviewer is an actual person.  You may have their transaction records to help gauge their experience better. 

Create a candid and straightforward response

Next, compose an honest response. Your customers need to feel heard. Keep your replies succinct, but acknowledge them. Moreover, it is important to respond to your reviews promptly. Fast responses show the staunchness and allegiance to provide outstanding customer service. Always own up to the complaints, apologize to your customers, and own up to the solution. This shows them that they are heard and that you recognize their negative experiences. 

Fix the issue

The last step in removing negative reviews that affect your reputation is fixing the issue. This stage is difficult since it requires that you evaluate your process, products, and customer service to make adjustments. It can be hard to admit that the issue is with your organization. But, if you keep receiving negative reviews about the same problem, it is time to change. Doing so will not only enable you to save time but also get positive reviews. 

Feedback and content are crucial to the success of your business.  And, if you receive negative reviews, you should not lash out at the reviewer(s).