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How to Protect Your Car From Florida’s Weather


Car damage is common in all places, and your car can have a hard time dealing with Florida’s extreme heat and less cloud cover. It would be unpleasant to get inside a car parked outside in direct sunlight, knowing how much damage the level of sun exposure in Florida can do.

The harsh weather can damage your car inside and out, which includes damaged upholstery, faded paint, and engine problems. Here are some ways on how to protect your car from Florida’s weather.

Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Interior

There are many ways on how to protect your car’s interior from the heat of the sun. The dashboard of your car’s interior receives most of the sun’s heat, and your windshield increases the heat intensity coming from the sun.

It would cause fading and cracking on your dashboard’s surface and lose its luster over time. The extreme heat can also damage your car’s upholstery, most especially if you have leather seats. Here are some ways on how you can keep it in tip-top shape: Look for a shaded parking space 

Whenever you are going out for a drive to accomplish some errands, make sure that you park your vehicle where it won’t receive direct sunlight. This is the easiest way to protect your car’s interior from the sun. Hiding your car from the sun will help decrease the temperature and balance the air pressure of your car’s interior.

Install your windshield sun protector

If you can find a shaded parking space, you can invest in a windshield sun protector. These insulated screens can reflect heat that penetrates through your windshield. Don’t worry about keeping this item in your car since it is easy to store away. 

Prevent scratches

Florida can be incredibly dusty. When removing this dust, use a microfiber cloth for wiping dust and dirt on your dashboard. Small particles can cause scratches, which will eventually progress into a damaged paint job over time.

Invest in seat covers

Doing this can help protect the fabric and leather seats, and more importantly, keep them cool. You can choose from different designs that will match your vehicle’s overall look. 

Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Exterior

If you have a car with dark-colored paint such as red, blue, and black, it has a high chance of damage due to the Florida sun. Other unpainted parts of your car like bumpers, mirror covers, and fenders can also be a problem from sun exposure. Here are some tricks to keep your car protected: 

Clean your car often 

It would help remove dirt and dust particles if you frequently wash and hand dry your car. Keeping your vehicle’s exterior clean will protect the paint from the scorching heat. Dust and dirt particles will corrode your car’s exterior surfaces, which will cause more damage.

Apply wax on your car 

This procedure helps protect your car’s finish from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Wax can shield your vehicle from debris sticking on the surface.

Regulate tire pressure 

Your tires can be dangerous under scorching temperatures, especially when it has decreased pressure. The heat can cause the tire’s pressure to dry out, which can cause a huge problem.

Once you’ve got your car’s protection in check, invest in improving its overall look by adding custom lighting for cars or body kits to make it stand out.