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How to Prepare to Move to South Florida’s Tropical Climate


With so many places to consider a move, a lot of people around the country are flocking to sunny Florida. Did you know the average person in America will move more than 11 times throughout their life?

When it comes to moving, there’s no shortage of people who want to live in the Sunshine State. Before you get ready to embark on the journey, this helpful overview will provide everything you need to know to get adequately prepared.

Why People Are Considering Florida

There are many reasons why people want to live in Florida, especially in the southern region. For starters, there’s no state income tax. This allows people to keep more of their hard-earned money and use it for other things, such as purchasing a home, paying off debt, or saving for other expenses. Also, housing tends to be more affordable than in other states, allowing people to live comfortably without breaking the bank.

The climate in the south is also much more desirable for those seeking warmer weather year-round. Do keep in mind, whether you’re looking to own or rent, that AC maintenance is a big part of staying cool in the South Florida heat. HomeAdvisor recommends getting your HVAC system serviced once before summer and once before winter each year.

Do Research on Neighborhoods

There are plenty of places to live in South Florida, but it can quickly become overwhelming trying to determine what neighborhood to live in. Ask yourself questions like: Is it close to shopping and dining? What is the crime rate in that area? Is there easy access to public transportation or major highways?

Once you have your preferred area in mind, do some research on the local schools and other points of interest. It doesn’t hurt to hire a realtor, especially if you’ve never lived here before. They can help guide you during the home-buying process and provide additional information about the area.

Pack Strategically

Even if you’re moving within the state, there’s still a lot to consider when you’re going to South Florida. Due to the popularity of the region, it’s ideal to consult with a moving company at least three months in advance. Take the time to pack correctly and use ample amounts of bubble wrap, blankets, and packing material when necessary. Set up how you want furniture or items moved, or if you need to rent a storage facility for the time being.

Understanding Costs Beyond Your Mortage or Rent

Performing your financial due diligence with any new move can save you a headache later on. It’s important to understand that you’ll have expenses beyond your rent or mortgage, such as utilities and homeowner’s insurance. If you’re planning to drive a car in the state of Florida, make sure you have auto insurance that meets the state requirements. You might even end up needing to invest in an air conditioning unit because they have shorter lifespans due to their continual use here.

Comfy Living reported that in 2018, the demand for AC units across America was 15.3 million. You can see that staying cool is a priority in Florida, and it’s important to be prepared.

Now that you have the basics under your belt, you’re ready to make the move and start living in South Florida! If you do your research ahead of time and plan for expenses like housing and AC maintenance, then you should be all set. Enjoy the sunny weather and get ready to experience life in one of the most beautiful states in the country. Florida is a state that many people will continue to enjoy with all it has to offer.