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How to Locate the Best Internet Service Providers in Cape Coral


As an internet user, your choice of a service provider is an important decision that has an enormous influence on your happiness or frustration. It is always a priority to go for one with an uninterrupted service.

There are always several options of providers to choose from, depending on where you live. The best internet providers are the ones that offer reliable service over a specific area with multiple options for speed at competitive prices. Here our focus is on Cape Coral and the guidelines on what to look for before deciding on the best internet service provider.

What you need to know about the types of Internet services in Cape Coral

The first prominent step is to know the types of available internet services. Cape Coral is home to some renowned providers who offer a variety of reliable broadband, including DSL, fiber-optic service, cable, and satellite.


This stands for Digital Subscriber Line. Just like regular dial-ups, it operates over telephone lines. As affordable as the DSL is, it delivers stable and consistent download speeds with up to 25 megabits per second.

It also has two types – Symmetric DSL (SDSL) and Asymmetric DSL (ADSL). SDSL is fast, but between these two types, ADSL is cheaper and offers faster downloads and upload speeds. In Cape Coral, DSL provides more than 95 percent coverage and speed for small households.

From other types of internet, DSL is the least expensive, but the quality and speed depend on the distance. The farther you move away from the service provider’s office, the slower and less reliable your connection.


Cable internet comes from your cable TV provider. It runs on the same power from the Cable TV and can often deliver speeds ranging above 100 Mbps. Compared to DSL, the speed is higher since it doesn’t depend on distance. The cable is also faster than satellite and more widely available than fiber optic internet service.

The drawback here is that cable service is shared with the people in your neighborhood and since more than 90 percent of Cape Coral have cable broadband available to them, cable service may become slower during busy times.


Just as you imagine, this one uses satellites to beam internet feeds to subscribers with installed satellite dishes. Satellite service is the most expensive and slowest broadband option. Regardless of where you are, you only get speed below 20 Mbps.

Satellite internet is suitable for homes with no access to high-speed internet options like DSL, cable, or fiber. It is available all over Cape Coral, as long as you can install the dish on the roof or balcony to receive and send signals.


Fiber-optic is the latest type of internet service. It uses optical networks and offers a speed of light type of connection. This type of broadband operates similarly to the DSL, but then it can provide a speed of up 500 Mbps.

Fibre-optic is the fastest type of internet service in Cape Coral, but it’s the best for large homes, businesses, and everyone requiring speedier download and upload speeds than DSL and cable.

How much internet speed do I need in Cape Coral?

With about a population of approximately 189,000 people residing in Cape Coral, the city is home to numerous businesses and households. There is also a high demand for high-speed and affordable internet service.

Like we mentioned, Cape Coral offers DSL, cable, satellite, and fiber-optic services, with speed ranging from 25 to 500 Mbps. Your required internet speed depends on the number of devices connected and your activities.

For small households or those who only use the internet on a limited basis like checking emails, minimal browsing, or social media, 25 Mbps would be enough speed. On the other hand, large households with numerous people with high demand for the use of the internet, like streaming videos and online gaming, would require speeds above 100 Mbps.

How to locate the best internet service providers in Cape Coral

Regardless of your intentions for the internet, fast and stable connection is compulsory. You will always need adequate services, especially when it comes to streaming movies or sports, online gaming, or video chatting. High-speed internet saves you from the slow download speeds or too much buffering that can ruin your experience.

You can have this knowledge at hand and still not get to do all the hard works needed for the internet service provider you deserve. But luckily, for better download and upload speeds, use internet advisor to locate the best internet service providers in Cape Coral in a breeze. No matter the type of broadband, you get to see their current plans, packages, and prices and make your comparisons to get the right deal for you and your family.



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