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How to Keep Seniors Physically Active

Seniors bring so much joy to our lives. Their stories and wisdom are valued by generations of all ages and it’s our responsibility to cherish and respect them as individuals.

Whether it’s grandma or grandpa, mom or dad, or just that special couple next door, you love helping your loved ones thrive and ensuring they feel healthy and at their best.

However, as people age, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay active. Sometimes our beloved senior friends and relatives need an encouraging push to get outside and moving. Of course, many seniors suffer from mobility or emotional health issues, but when possible, it’s important for them to maintain a healthy and active routine.

A decrease in activity can result in loss of flexibility, mobility, strength, mental alertness, and agility. Consider the following activities that will keep the senior in your life physically fit, strong, and healthy.

Swimming Groups

Luckily in Florida, people can swim in both indoor and outdoor pools all year long. Swimming is a wonderful way to improve heart health and is great for those with limited mobility or for those who can’t tolerate running or walking due to joint problems.

Swimming works the entire body and it does so in a gentle manner. Water aerobics and just moving limbs around in the water feels great for people with mild arthritis. It also increases the heart rate and at the same time, it works muscles for improved tone and strength.

It’s also a fun way to meet other seniors and to engage with others! A weekly water aerobics or swimming group is beneficial to seniors’ mental health and social engagement.

Chair Yoga

Yoga is a deep-breathing exercise that has been practiced for thousands of years. Not only does it work out the body, but it also helps with meditation and focusing on letting go of anxiety and stress.

It’s an effective exercise for seniors because poses can be practiced slowly and even from the comfort of a chair. Trained yoga teachers who specialize in elder practice are able to perform most postures and movements sitting down, allowing your loved one to experience the benefits of yoga without straining too much or getting too tired.

Yoga benefits the body by improving balance and stability, while also enhancing flexibility and strength. When done from a chair or at a slow, gentle pace, it will also feel relaxing which is great for seniors who might experience anxiety or early stages of dementia.

Adopt a Pet

If your loved one is fit and emotionally capable enough to take on an additional furry family member, encourage them to adopt a pet!

Pets are compassionate and nurturing, and they provide real friendship to many seniors. Plus, they require a lot of exercises (particularly dogs) and this will nudge your loved one to take more walks or play with their animals inside the home.

Keeping active is so important for seniors. Physical activity will help them feel better and improve their quality of life.