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How to Keep Debris Out of Your Swimming Pool

How to Keep Debris Out of Your Swimming Pool
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No one likes to have their time taken up by time-consuming maintenance. That’s especially true for something like a swimming pool that’s meant for enjoyment. To keep your pool care efficient, to and maximize your time basking in the sun, read our tips on how to keep debris out of your swimming pool.


When looking to limit pool debris, you can start by determining where the debris comes from. Depending on the source, some landscaping solutions can solve your problem. If your pool accumulates leaves, you can consider removing a nearby tree, or—if you want to preserve it—trimming back overhead branches. If grass gets tracked in, you should bag your grass while mowing. This keeps it off people’s feet when they enter, especially the feet of little kids who get in and out constantly and bring grass in on their wet feet.

Pool Cover

Using a pool cover keeps debris from entering the water at all. These are effective when the pool isn’t in use—when you pull them off in the spring your water will look as clear as you left it—and you can use them all year. A better option, though, is to use a water-permeable mesh cover during months of use so that leaves stay on top while rainfall can drain into your pool. These mesh covers effectively keep leaves out of the water while eliminating the headache of pumping water off of a non-mesh cover.

Pool Filter Tips

There are a couple of ways to best allow your pool to take care of the debris itself. For optimal filter performance, make sure you clean your filter basket every week and keep the water level consistent. Cleaning the filter will ensure it won’t become clogged by leaves and larger objects. When the water level gets too low, nothing flows into the filter. Similarly, when it’s too high, debris cannot go into the filter correctly. It’s best to have your water at about half the height of the filter opening.

Pool Cage Enclosure

A more permanent way to keep debris out of your swimming pool is to install a pool cage enclosure. There are several advantages of a pool cage, including its ability to completely prevent debris from entering your pool. Made from transparent glass panels, these enclosures stop bugs, leaves, and grass from getting anywhere near your pool without compromising your view. Since they’re permanent, you’ll spend less time vacuuming and cleaning your pool’s filter and more time enjoying the water and sun.