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How to Find And Hire The Best Commercial Electrical Contractor

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Hiring contractors to assist you in completing any type of construction project can be a very daunting undertaking. Finding the best fit for the job can take time and effort, particularly when you are hiring contractors for all of your electrical work. Therefore, before you get started, you need to devise a specific way to wade through the pool of prospects to identify commercial contractors who are qualified to do the job.

Having said this, here are some great recommendations to assist you in finding and hiring the top commercial contractors in the industry today.

#1. Expand Your Pool Of Prospect —Solicit Qualified Contractors For Projects Online

To find the best resources available in this industry, you may want to broaden your search beyond the boundaries of your local and surrounding areas. By expanding the area in which you are doing your recruiting, you will also open up the numbers that have access to and the experience that the group possesses.

Also, to make sure that everyone who has an interest knows what is involved in the project that you are soliciting electrical help for, it is important that you specific what kind of work that you are needing. For instance, you can describe the job on the internet as one of the following.

  • installing new electrical work
  • completing a building renovation
  • repairing damaged wiring

Each of the above will require the experience and skills of someone who is known to be a qualified commercial electrical contractor. Also, when you are posting a description of these jobs, you need to include the start of the project and the estimated completion date. By providing this information in advance, you will only attract commercial contractors who are available to work during these time frames.

#2: Review All Prospects For Their Qualifications

Once many of the firms begin to respond to your project, you start the process of reviewing each of their qualifications based on your requirements. You should do a thorough job of finding the best fit by making a list of things that need to be repaired, installed and inspected.  You can make this process easier by creating a shortlist of firms that meet and exceed these specs.

#3: Requests References And Project Lines From Prospects On Your Short List

When the shortlist has been created, you can use this list to request references and project lines. For instance, you should ask each contractor to provide you with the following:

  • References from businesses who have used their services before.
  • Information about the contractor’s American Electric Inc. experience, particularly those that are related to your electrical project requirements.
  • Ask for a plan of details that shows how your project will be handled including details of deliverable dates and an estimated cost of completing the electrical work.

#4: Take Time To Review All Of The References Submitted By Each Firm

Before you finalize your decision to hire anyone of the prospects that you have on your shortlist, it is very important that you review all of the references that have been supplied. In fact, someone in your organization should follow-up and verify at least 3 references that these contractors submit to you. This part of the process should take some time and effort to complete, especially since you need to ask specific detailed questions to obtain the info you want and need.

The follow-up that you do can be performed in the form of calls or e-mails so that the results can also be documented. Do not forget to ask more questions about any bad experiences including why the customer was dissatisfied with their performance or customer support. 

#5: Compare Price Estimates For Each Contractor That Bids

Your shortlist is used for a number of different purposes and reasons including comparing the prices between American Electric and other companies. To do this part of the process properly, you need a system to make the necessary comparisons. 

Also, by reviewing estimates in advance, you may be able to negotiate a better price that will not only save you money but will also ensure you are getting a competitive quote for the higher quality work.

#6: Verify Licensing and Insurance

Even though you may be tempted to simply accept the lowest bid on your shortlist, you should not complete the hiring process without further validations. For instance, when you are completing projects that involve commercial electrician work, the firm must meet specific licensing and insurance requirements. So, to prevent your firm from being at risk of breaking the law or not being prepared with the right types of liability insurance coverage, you need to verify their background to see if their licenses and insurance coverage are indeed up-to-date.

#7: Hiring the Electrical Contractor

After you have decided who the successful commercial electrical contractor such as America Electric Jacksonville will be, you need to prepare for the actual hiring process. For instance, it is important that you gather all of the essential documents that sum up what both parties are looking for in this contractual relationship.

From documenting the bid cost that has been agreed upon to include in the contract completion date of the project, everything that both parties have discussed and confirmed must be in the contracts to be signed off on.


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