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How to Find a Private Investigator in Orlando, Florida

Private investigators are hard to find and even harder to trust. While some private investigators know how to work without anyone ever spotting them, others just lack the cunningness this profession requires.

Looking for an investigator in cities like Orlando is somewhat tricky. You have to spend a lot of time exploring your options before deciding on one or the other.

Some excel in online and cybercrime investigation. Others look into criminal or government matters. Furthermore, you can also hire a private investigator to investigate issues of personal nature. To find the right type of investigator for yourself, you need to be clear about your task’s nature.

How Much Do Private Investigators Cost in Orlando, Florida?

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Private investigators in Orlando, Florida have a ton of different job requirements. A skilled private investigator doesn’t prefer multitasking. The more complex and jeopardizing tasks naturally call for higher rates. There are a couple of methods that investigators adopt to set charges for their investigation for you.

1.   Flat or Hourly Rates

If the job of a private investigator is relatively simple, they won’t have a complex charging procedure. Instead, private investigators have predetermined fixed rates for the work they usually perform. For example:

  • Finding and tracking phone numbers.
  • Bug placing and tracking.
  • Criminal record identification and investigation.
  • Vehicle searches or tracking.
  • Background checks from various sources.
  • GPS monitoring.

These, and other relatively simple tasks don’t take too long to complete. Therefore, each private investigator has a fixed rate for these jobs.

If the task requires more effort and time, the private investigator will shift to an hourly rate. Even the most skilled investigator’s often meet dead ends in their investigation. For high profile investigation, more effort and time require more money.

The rates start from $40 and can go as high as $200 per hour. This investigation can take up to 8 or even more hours. If the job takes too long, the investigator often cuts down the average per hour charges. An average hourly investigation charge is usually around $50-$75.

These charges exclude the additional expenses required for investigation. Fuel expenses, entrance tickets, GPS trackers, fares, etc. can add more to the total amount a private investigator charges for investigation.

2.   The complexity of the task

The more strenuous a task is, the more expensive it is. Private investigators usually charge more for tasks that require them to do in-depth research and digging around.

Locating a person, whether missing or in hiding, can cost anywhere between $300-$600. In-depth research on any dealership, project, court case, or person, costs almost the same amount. On the other hand, infidelity cases can cost a lot more. Investigators in Orlando charge around $300-$1000 for investigating infidelity. Locating biological relations, especially parents or children who went missing at birth, costs $100-$700.

3.   Retainers

In many cases, private investigators often ask for retainers. They also refund the leftover cost after they’ve done their work. The retained deposit can range from $500 for simple, quick jobs and get as high as $5,000 for a complete, in-depth investigation.

How to Find a Private Investigator in Orlando

Once you have a rough idea of the expenses you can afford, it’s time to get searching. You can use the following ways to get fruitful leads:

1.   Online Searches

At the very beginning of your quest, it’s best to do a simple Google search to find the best private investigators near you. Just type something like ‘private investigators in Orlando.’ You’ll get a list of suggestions as well as ads from different investigators near you.

2.   Blogs and Websites

To get more insight into the legitimacy and success of any private investigator, you can search them specifically. This will reveal people’s experiences with your concerned private investigator. Blogging websites also review and compile these experiences to help those facing difficulty finding investigators. Some even set you up with an investigator if you’re unable to do so on your own.

3.   Word of Mouth 

If you haven’t had much luck finding a personal investigator on your own, you can get help from others. Ask a close friend, relative, or any other acquaintance to help you out. If you have contacts in the field, you can reach out to them as well.

4.   Lawyers or Attorneys

If you’re in a legal battle, ask your lawyer to help you out. Legal experts are more experienced when it comes to finding personal investigators for varying tasks. They’ll also help you find the most affordable and efficient investigators to strengthen your case.