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How To Care For Your Garden When You Live By The Sea


Living by the sea has many advantages, as Florida residents will tell you. One of them is the capacity to swim or to go out on a boat, right from the floating dock installed at the end of your lawn. But caring for a garden can be a bit more difficult. Here is what you need to know if you plan to grow a nice garden in your backyard, by the sea.

A Sea Garden Should Be Functional

When you start planning your garden by the sea, you need to keep in mind all the activities that you will want to enjoy in your backyard. One of the benefits of such a location is that you can benefit from everything that the water has to offer.

Even though your terrain may not have a dock yet, you should make sure that the water is easily accessible, so that you can have one installed in the future. To do so, you can call upon the help of the marina construction specialist, which will build a customized floating dock to fit the size and length that you need.

Also, this is the perfect place for kids to play or to throw a party, every once in a while. If you crowd it too much with plants and flowers, it may turn out to be beautiful, but it will be a location that you will avoid instead of enjoying.

Difficulties of Growing a Garden by the Sea

Salt spray and wind are the two most important enemies of a garden by the sea. In Florida, you have to add exposure to the sun, which can be hard on some plants that dry up easily. Some people will tell you that all you need to do is choose hardy plants, but although this is a part of the solution, it won’t work by itself. In any case, you will always need to create some kind of protection for your garden. It is meant to keep it from burning from sea salt spray, but also to save it from high winds that often come from the sea and which can unroot or break plants.

Trees are a great protection tool. Of course, you don’t want your whole backyard to be in the shade all day long. By placing them in strategic positions, you can then add the flowers, bushes and other plants that you wanted, behind their line of protection from the wind that would come from the sea.

If you want to add color through flowers, best to keep them close to the house, away from the water. You can also plant them in front of the property instead, which will provide you and those who visit a friendly welcome every day.

Choose Your Plants According to What Grows in the Region

This may seem like a piece of simple advice, but it is the best anyone can give you. If you look at what grows around you, you will understand which plants are more adapted to your environment. Instead of trying to be different in the selection, be more original in the garden design.