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How To Add Custom Metal Tables and Furniture Into a Home

Metal decorations used to be so heavy on the eyes as if it is only meant to be used for industrial operations. These days, it is widely accepted as part of any space’s charisma. What used to be seen as something to convey “serious business” alone, now depicts a classy and elegant allure.

In modern days, people have already accepted that metals can also be part of any home’s interior decorations. Why not? It blends well with other ornaments well, may it be wood, glass, or even plastics. Not to mention, painting it is no problem, unlike the aforementioned materials.

If given the chance, a metal table makes a great centerpiece for any room for various reasons. Here are some of them:

Why Metal Tables Work as the Best Centerpieces

For years, people believed that wood is always the best way to go when it comes to furniture. Well, it might be true considering its naturalistic appeals, its sturdiness, and depending on the type used, it’s quality as well. Hence, when people go for furniture shopping, it often comes as the first choice.

However, over the past years, homeowners seem to have quite a change of mind. Instead of picking the first types of wooden furniture they see, they now have the expanded option of choosing a metal table for their rooms. It is just as sturdy (or even stronger), than any wood and would possibly even last longer than a lifetime.

A lot of people are apprehensive when placing metal tables in a living room, especially, since it is of connoted as part of “industrial designs” rather than something used for houses. However, it might only be a matter of the improper mixture of materials. For example, a pure iron metal table bases would come out “cold” and strong. Try mixing it with some wood, and there would be a massive difference with its appearance.

Not to mention, metals are extremely easier to clean than wood, and even plastic. A damp cloth, some water, and soft detergent can get the job done. However, it is important to be extremely careful if the metal is not rustproof. Still, it still beats having to constantly re-stain or put table cloths over to ensure that it does not get scratched.

While it does not seem like it, another advantage of using metal tables, or metals in general, is its versatility and malleability. Hence, homeowners have the option to even have it customized the way they want it to be.

Mixing Metals

Of course, mixing metals into home decorations might seem like an entirely new concept, something that is not yet widely accepted. Therefore, there is still a struggle in compiling tips and techniques on how to make it work. Here are some of the best ones:

Know Your Type

Unknown to many, there are actually many types of metal such as aluminum, brass, cast iron, and so much more. If the plan is to customize, it is important to determine first where will the metal furniture be used and for what purpose. Because according to invaluable.com, each one has different usage. Here are some examples:

  • Aluminum and copper are mostly for outdoor use, or as accent pieces
  • Brass and stainless, on the other hand, are for mirrors and lighting fixtures
  • Cast iron is for knobs and handles

Determine the Finish

Metals also come with varying finishes to let the homeowners choose which one would fit the aesthetics of their homes, or spaces better. Here are some of the top choices:

  • Antiques make the metal look like it survived the best of times
  • Brushed to look like it had been painted on
  • Hammered, like antiques, appeals to rustic and vintage styles
  • Polished finish for a modern and minimalistic design
  • Satin finish for a more classic and traditional styling

Balance It Out

With such a wide variety of metals available, it is not that difficult to be engaged with it and splurge on everything all at once. In order to not drown everything out and make sure that everything stays balanced, choose up to three types of metals only. Otherwise, it would seem as if everything is just put together without any specific themes in mind.

Metals also come in varying colors, some come out as golden in color, others silver, and some come as brass or copper. Do not use all colors at once, choose one dominant use, and use another for accent.

Color Palette

When donning a room with metal fixtures, it would work better if it also matches the rest of the furniture and stuff in it. If possible, paint the metal the same colors as the ones inside the room to make sure everything matches.

Another choice that homeowners have is to match it with the “feel” or hues used inside the room. For example, if the colors of the stuff are on the warmer spectrum, it is better to stick to metals with warm-hues and vice versa.

Nevertheless, do not be afraid of mixing metals with everything and anything. Express yourself and let it go, metal is the new wood!