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How the COVID-19 Lockdown Affects Those with Substance Abuse Issues

The unexpected lockdowns and quarantine periods related to COVID-19 have posed challenges for individuals across the world. Many have searched for new hobbies, embraced family time and found new ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

However, a mandated quarantine or lock down for an individual with substance abuse issues poses a much greater challenge. People who smoke or vape, possess an opioid use disorder or methamphetamine use disorder are at even more risk when considering the effects of these drugs on pulmonary and respiratory health if COVID-19 is contracted. There is also the potential for mental health issues to surge.

Without the help of an addiction treatment center and professional support, the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns can lead to an even more drastic health threat for those with substance abuse issues and these unique needs need to be evaluated and addressed.

The Unique Challenges of COVID-19 Lockdowns

It’s common during these unprecedented times to feel lonely, angry or even depressed. Coupled with a substance abuse problem, the reality is that some individuals who are not being treated at an addiction treatment facility are more likely to experience incarceration or homelessness when compared to individuals without a substance abuse issue.

Additional challenges of a forced quarantine or lockdown during COVID-19 for individuals with substance abuse issues include financial losses due to unemployment, decreased access to health care, housing insecurity and more free time to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Adding a lockdown or stay-at-home order to the mix poses even more temptation and desperation if access to an addiction treatment center is not readily available or a feasible, financial option.

Navigating Substance Abuse Disorders During COVID-19

Moving forward, it’s difficult to predict how COVID-19 will affect the general population, much less those with substance abuse disorders. It’s no surprise that a surge in alcohol sales began once stay-at-home orders were issued. The stress and isolation that accompanies lockdown is a common trigger for a substance abuser.

A need for more options, solutions and treatment plans is essential for those with a substance abuse issue at any time, but especially during COVID-19 lockdowns and forced quarantine periods to prevent further complications.

It’s time to put a spotlight on the need for addiction treatment centers who are available to tailor treatment plans to meet these unique needs.



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