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How TeleEMC Is Helping Those Through Telemedicine Practices

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With the support of electronic audio and visual means, patients can conveniently utilize remote clinical services by communicating in real-time with their healthcare providers. Although telemedicine has usually been conducted in phone calls, Internet and online communications apps make it even more convenient to relay the patients’ concerns and medical queries effectively.

Convenience Of Telehealth

The concept of virtual visits to doctors has been around for decades now, but, finally, it is on the rise and is getting more commonplace. Fueled by digital technology and innovations, telehealth disregards the idea of physically visiting doctors and clinics.

From different aspects of medicine, such as primary care to radiology, cardiology to orthopedics, telehealth is possible to provide sustainable clinical services.

Telemedicine practices have a comprehensive purpose, but one thing it primarily offers is the convenience it provides for both patients and medical professionals. Although this still can’t replace face-to-face consultations, it is excellent and considerable enough, most especially for assessing emergency medical conditions (EMCs).

What Is TeleEMC And How Can It Help You?

client adobe acctWere you caught up in an automobile accident recently?  Are you suffering from body pain that needs chiropractic treatment?  Before you can claim for your personal injury protection, first, you will need to assess your emergency medical condition. And, this is when TeleEMC can support and help you.

Utilizing 100% secure and private telemedicine exams, you don’t need to come and visit their medical office. You can take advantage of their first-rate medical equipment and software to conduct specific patient-focused interactive exams. These tests will be performed only by experienced healthcare providers in their respective facilities.

With enough knowledge and connections with the chiropractic community, TeleEMC understands all the symptoms and requires an assessment process to decide whether an emergency medical condition exists. They study and review their patients’ conditions thoroughly by ensuring that all their medical data are accurate. After all the procedures are performed, you can have a proper diagnostic report.

About Personal Injury Protection

According to the personal injury protection law, you should be suffering from a medical condition with acute symptoms, which include severe pain that requires immediate treatment. Failure or delay in treatment might lead to adverse effects. However, you won’t have to worry about this because TeleEMC will ensure to report a diagnostic file for your personal injury protection to be validated in a case where you fall under such conditions stated.

Keep in mind, however, that a chiropractor is not authorized by law to determine and decide on an emergency medical condition. This means that authorized assessors should be either a medical doctor, osteopathic doctor, physician associate, or nurse practitioner. In cases where your assessment shows you have an emergency medical condition, your PIP medical benefit can lead to a maximum of USD$10,000 coverage. Otherwise, you will get a $2,500 cap for your chiropractic treatments.

You can save yourself from staying in long lines waiting for your medical assessment. Use telemedicine methods and efficiently get results for your emergency medical condition as you get your chiropractic treatment. With the collaborated development of technology and the medical industry, it is quite practical to go for digital consultations.