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How South Florida Has Become the Hottest Wedding Destination During the Pandemic


Over a year ago, the pandemic started and crushed every wedding plan in existence. The pandemic wall was too much to overcome. Some persevered and opted for a simpler, safer wedding. But, other more patient folk waited for the right moment so that they could get the best possible experience on arguably the best day of their lives.

Now that the pandemic is starting to die down and people are getting vaccinated at a blistering pace, the wedding invitations are getting sent again. But things are different now. Folks who waited months for their special day are not just content with a local function. They are looking to make it as spectacular as possible, and South Florida has become the number one wedding destination for couples around the country.

Reasons behind this surge in popularity

South Florida has always been a fantastic wedding destination. It’s just that the couples are now explicitly looking for some spectacular place and noticing how Florida checks all their boxes. Every day more and more marriage announcements are being made with Southern Florida as the destination, and here are the main reasons why:

A majestic sunset

There is nothing more romantic than a sunset. Being with your loved one under the orange tint of a sinking sun is something that many people romanticize. Keeping this point in mind, is it a surprise to anyone that couples want to exchange their vows under the majestic rose sunset of South Florida? The sunset of the Florida gulf takes everything nice about the sunset and cranks it all up to eleven. The painterly blend of smooth pinks, passionate red, and bright gold creates an atmosphere that is impossible to replicate anywhere else in the US.

The pearl white sand

The fabulous sunset in Florida would’ve been ruined if the beaches were grey and bland. Luckily, they aren’t. Instead, the beaches are filled with sand that shines like millions of pearls scattered next to the ocean. It contrasts the bright blue sky of the Florida gulf and provides a nice neutral yet pretty backdrop to your once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Beach = Fun

We all know that a beach directly correlates to a fun time. There are so many thrilling activities that the couple and the guests can perform on days leading up to the wedding. Or, they just simply relax and soak up in the bright sun. Activities like surfing and kayaking are prime examples of unadulterated fun and all-around good times.

Fresh local seafood

What better way to tie a destination wedding together than delicious seafood? And Southern Florida has got that in spades, making even the wedding meals as special as they could be.

As the pandemic is beginning to end and couples are starting to look for wedding destinations that will make the year-long wait worth it, South Florida is starting to become a superstar. It has become the hottest wedding destination in a short amount of time, and this trend is gaining more traction with each passing day.