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How Many Days Do You Need In Morocco?

If you wonder about how many days do you need in Morocco, you won’t get just one answer. In fact, the amount of time needed to visit the country is different from one traveler to another.

I recently spent 10 days there and visited almost all of the best attractions including Cinema Studio, Volubilis, Ait Benhaddou and Hassan II Mosque. I also visited Marrakesh, Fez, Chefchaouen, and other cities along the way.

Morocco is a beautiful country, unique and attractive; yet exotic.  Though it seems small on the map, it’s big in reality. Here are some tips that may help you make your decision about visiting this amazing country.

The best time to spend in Morocco is either 10 days or 7 days. You may visit Morocco for a short time, but you will only see some parts of it; the north or the south. The south is more beautiful, especially if you like riding camels and camping in the desert. However, the north, I believe, enjoys the most beautiful city in Morocco, Chefchaouen.

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Visiting Morocco in 10 days?

When we traveled to Morocco, we booked a 10 days Morocco tour with a local travel agency. We were met at Casablanca airport and began our journey.  We traveled to Rabat, Chefchaouen, Volubilis, Meknes, Fez, the Desert, and Marrakesh. We spent almost 1 day in each city. Some cities were good and we wished we had more time explore and learn about them.

Our itinerary started in Casablanca, then we traveled to Chefchaoun via Rabat. We spent a night there and we drove over to Fez where we spent 2 nights. Next, we traveled to the desert, spending 3 days there. Before the end of our holiday, we traveled to Marrakesh where we spent 2 days.

What are the main attractions to visit in 10 days?

There are plenty of places to see, but the majority of tourists visit Morocco for its desert. It is close and safe and you can find small villages just beyond the dunes. We traveled there with a local travel operator, Morocco Travel, and the drive took us almost 8 hours including multiple stops.

The desert will take at least 3 days and 2 nights. a night is spent in the camps and another in the hotel. the days are spent in exploring the area.

There are several things to enjoy in the desert, but we were attracted to the Cinema Studio and the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. The cinema studio used as a background for many Hollywood movies including Gladiator, Star War and others. The Kasbah is a fortified castle portrayed as Yankey in the Game of Thrones. My journey in the desert was very déja-vu since I had seen these locations in major Hollywood movies.

The other destination we visited is Marrakesh. I find this city different and exotic. It embodies all that is exotic and different. There are snake charmers and monkey shows. It’s popular Square Jemaa El Fna encompasses a lot of traditional and exotic shows.

In addition to Marrakesh, Fez also is another interesting city. Many claim this city is the oldest surviving city in the world. Our tour in this city was amazing, exploring it with a local guide. Its roads are sneaky and there is a chance to get lost if you are not accompanied by a local guide.

Finally, Chefchaoeun is also another city that captivated my attention. The city has multiple names: the pearl of Morocco, the blue city, and Instagram city. If you have an Instagram account, you must visit. It is all blue and different from all what you have seen before.

Visiting Morocco for 7 days.

For short term travelers, I think 7 days will be enough if you don’t have time. However, you will skip Chefchaouen since it is located in the north. Therefore, you will travel directly from Casablanca to Fez and you finish the itinerary in Marrakesh. I find 7 days itinerary from Casablanca interesting if you want to check it out here. This tour is similar to 10 days except that it doesn’t include Chefchaoun.

Finally, to answer the question: how many days do you need in morocco? I think 7 days or 10 days are the best. However, if you used a local travel operator, you will experience the country differently. Yet, traveling alone is still possible.

Mimoun Lucas

Author Bio: Mimoun Lucas, is a 32 years-old French-Moroccan young man. Lucas graduated from the University of Côte d’Azur in marketing and currently works in the marketing department of a company in Bordeaux. He also interested in finance.