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How Fresh Meat Delivery Became One of the Hottest New Food Trends

Anyone who follows the latest trends in how North Americans eat has likely been inundated with stories about the rise of food delivery apps and how they are changing the structure of the restaurant industry.

But over the past couple of years the story of companies like Foodora and Uber Eats has been overshadowed by a different kind of food delivery service, one that focussed not on delivery fast food to your door, but on giving consumers access to high quality ingredients so they can do their own cooking at home.

While there are grocery delivery companies specializing in a wide range of different products, one of the most important classes of delivery food is without a doubt meat.

So what is it about fresh meat delivery that has put it in such high demand in recent years? And is ordering meat online really as beneficial as its fans would have you believe?

Why is Meat Delivery so Popular?

There are several factors driving this rising interest in delivery options, but in most cases it comes down to two major forces: the time crunch many people are experiencing, and the growing awareness of the importance of eating meat that is fresh, local, and sustainably raised.

Plenty of young professionals with disposable income would love to patronize speciality butcher’s shops and farmers markets because they believe in dealing more directly with producers and supporting the local economy. They simply don’t have time to do so.

This has provided an opening for delivery services that connect shoppers with a range of high quality beef, pork, chicken, and fish from local farms, producers, and fisheries.

By subscribing to these services, shoppers can get the sustainable meat they crave without having to take precious time out of their busy days to hunt it down themselves.

What are the Benefits of Ordering Meat Online?

Ask one of these shoppers what first drew them to buying their meat online, and you’re likely to get one of the following responses:

  • Online meat provides greater range of choice
  • Online meat gives a more direct connection to farmers
  • Delivery makes meal planning and prep easier
  • They are more likely to cook when they have meat in the freezer

This is partially because modern meat delivery services work off of a subscription model that is both easy to sign up for and easy to quit. You can get started with a monthly meat delivery service that will provide you with a meat box containing your choice of cuts and meat products, from kitchen staples like ground beef and ground turkey to holiday roasts and wild-caught seafood, and opt to set up a repeating order or simply make it a one-off.

Within a couple of days, the box will arrive, and each individual cut will be packaged for maximum efficiency, making it easy to come home from work and whip up a Bolognese sauce or a pan fried steak. Because the box is refrigerated, you don’t even need to worry about being home to receive it.

The way we shop and eat has changed dramatically over time, but one thing has stayed the same: people care as much about convenience as they do about quality. But making it easy for shoppers not to sacrifice one for the other, fresh meat delivery services are attracting loyal subscriber bases in cities across North America.